HPIR's Frequently Asked Questions

1. QUESTION: How do I become a part of HPIR?

ANSWER: Our team is not adding any additional members at this time. If in the future we have any group openings, we will make announcements on our site or Facebook page.
2. QUESTION: How do I get an opportunity to tag along on investigations?

ANSWER: Our investigations are not open to the public; the investigations we do are done by trained HPIR team members only. We do not permit members of the general public to attend our investigations for various reasons. Some of those reasons include: privacy and confidentiality concerns, liability and legal issues, lack of training,  and our investigations are not done for entertainment purposes. There are many opportunities for open public ghost hunting on our region, please feel free to contact us about any of these venues for public investigations. Also remember, we provide the general public an opportunity to visit up close and personal with some of the most haunted homes in our city with our Haunted & Historic Guyandotte Tours.
3. QUESTION: When and where are your meetings held?

ANSWER: Our meetings are held as needed and are strictly for the members of HPIR. On occasion we host open meetings where we invite interested people to come meet us and learn more about joining our team. If we decide to seek new team members we will make an announcement via our website or Facebook.
4. QUESTION: Why hasn't your team investigated __________ place?

ANSWER: We would love to investigate as many haunted locations as possible, however we must first have permission to do so. Often times we attempt to seek permission with no luck, other times the owners do not wish for a group like ours to investigate their property. There are many places in our area we still plan to investigate: some we just have not gotten around to yet. The majority of our investigations are posted on the website with the permission of the owners. Some investigations we have done are private and we do not have permission to post the information for the public viewing. Remember if you know of a haunted place you would like to see investigated just drop us a line.

5. QUESTION: What is the most haunted place in Huntington?

ANSWER: Each haunting and investigation we do is unique. It is very difficult to pin a title of "most haunted" on any particular place. Some places do indeed have more activity than others, but each one is much different than the previous. So really there is no true answer answer to this question, we will let the evidence we collect speak for itself. We do however offer you a HPIR's Top 10 Haunted Location listing.

6. QUESTION: How do I get started investigating the paranormal?

ANSWER: There are a number of ways to get involved in paranormal research. You could start by joining a group local to your area. If you are searching for a group in your area and are having no luck you may contact us and we will do our best to put you in contact with someone in your area. Another option for you would be to start you own group, this is much easier than you might think. You can use the Internet to locate people who have a similar interest and start from there. Of course you will want to do plenty of research first and purchase some equipment as well. You can start by investigating the homes of friends and family who believe they live in haunted houses for practice at first and the work your way into bigger things once you have gained more experience.

7. QUESTION: I would like to investigate __________ place that your group has investigated, could you please provide the contact information to me?

ANSWER: We get a fair amount of requests asking for contact information for locations we have previously investigated. Unfortunately, many locations are privately owned and we can not give this information out to anyone. There are a fair amount of locations we have investigated that are open to the public and we do try to note those on each listing for those who are interested in investigating these locations, please feel free to contact us about any of the "allows public ghost hunting" sites.
8. QUESTION: What type of equipment do you use?

ANSWER: Sometimes too much emphasis is placed upon the equipment that paranormal investigators use. Its not about how much or how "advanced" the equipment is, its all about utilizing what you have for the correct purpose it is intended to be used for. HPIR uses a wide variety of equipment including video cameras, audio recorders and such to evaluate and investigate locations where claims of paranormal activity occur. Sometimes the most simple tools can be the most effective, and having used many different types of equipment, the best evidence comes from the less complex devices.  


  1. What if you have literally NO equipment AT ALL?

    1. Get creative, look at what you have like a smartphone. Smartphones have a camera and usually have sound recording. That is some of the most basic things you could need and pretty much everyone has them.