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Investigation - Wayne County West Virginia Cemetery

Investigation Location:

Wayne County Cemetery

Lavalette, WV

June 2011 


This cemetery is located in Wayne County, WV and was established in the 1870's. The claims from this cemetery include seeing a head-less apparition roaming the cemetery during a full moon, phantom horse and buggy sounds, and several have claimed to have heard their names being called out by an unseen entity. 

Investigation Overview:

We were contacted by the cemetery caretaker who asked us to check out reports of a haunting in this cemetery. Our group arrived before dark and we did a walk-through of the cemetery and took baseline EMF readings while getting familiar with the area. There were no EMF readings on our KII meter throughout cemetery, with the expectation of walking directly underneath power lines located at the very backside of the cemetery. Just before dark we sat up our chairs around an unmarked stone and began an EVP/KII session near the location of reported activity. Within minutes we were getting readings on our KII meter in the area that during the walkthrough that had no initial readings and was far from power lines.

Out of four investigators who were present, three began to feel uneasy in the area in which the sightings of the head-less apparition had been reported. While there, we spotted and heard several animals in the woods, but no sight of anything paranormal. After a time the KII was no longer giving us any readings and we decided to head to another section. In the next section of the cemetery we had absolutely no KII meter hits.

The caretaker had left but came back to check on our progress, we told the her about our KII readings and we offered to take her out to where we had been. Walking back up to the spot we had been before, the KII started flashing so we stopped and asked for some responses. Our questions were seemingly obliged, so much so the KII lit up entirely several times. We began to walk back down when the KII lit up once more, this time right next to a Confederate soldier's grave. We stood for several minutes as the KII seemed to respond to our questions before it stopped.

The rest of our time there was dark and quiet, some fog rolled through and it began to rain so we decided to pack up for the night. Overall our experience at the cemetery was good but unfortunately we did not see or experience any of the reported activity. While the KII meter hits were very exciting, that alone is not conclusive enough to prove the claims of activity at this cemetery.  

Investigation Results:

Unfortunately despite our personal experiences in the cemetery we were unable to record any evidence of paranormal activity at this cemetery. 

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