Sunday, February 11, 2018

Group Updates: February 2018

Hey friends, we are again in the process of adding to our blog, transferring content from our old website which we decided to shut down over a year ago and use just our blog and Facebook sites. I now have the majority of our old content moved here to our blog site but I still have some work to do in it. All of our investigation listings will soon be fully updated to add links for audio and video as needed. I will also be adding photos for most listings as well, just as our old website once had. It's going to take a little bit more time to update each entry, but it's coming along pretty well so far.

This has been a slow process for me, I have my hands full with other obligations in my life and the blog has been neglected. The group has not been active with the exception of our annual ghost tours in the fall. But it's a new year and hopefully you will see some more content from us in 2018. It's time to get back to it!

I am also hoping to revive my haunted travels posts this year! I have added a page just for the haunted travels section. Not only do I love everything paranormal, but I also love to travel. I have been on many weekend trips around the Tri-State area, checking out various haunted locations. In some cases I may only stop and take photos and be on my way, but just to be there, a moment in time to see with my own eyes these locations that often hold so much history, is an enormous fascination for me. So look for some new haunted travels posts coming over the next several weeks and months.

Thanks for stopping by our blog, leaving comments and reading all about our haunted experiences.

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