Sunday, February 11, 2018

Investigation - Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church

Investigation Location:

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church

September 2006

Historic Information:

The area was originally settled in 1849 by a group of 37 freed slaves once belonging to James Twyman. Upon his death, he freed all slaves except those too elderly to make the journey, and secured land and resources for them in what is now the Burlington area of Lawrence County. More information can be found in Earl Pratt's book, "The Promise Land."  The church is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and there is a monument for the 37 slaves in the Burlington Cemetery where they are buried.  


A friend who grew up in Lawrence County, Ohio directed us to this location. The friend informed us that Macedonia Missionary had long been rumored to be haunted, so we decided to take on this rumor and see if the place lived up to it’s reputation.  

For the most part everything was quiet, with the exception of dogs barking at the sight of our presence and the passing of cars on the road. There was a street light on the property; however it would only stay on for a moment before flickering back off again (no doubt a electrical malfunction). A few members on the team had some slight feelings of a tingling energy, but as far as the real evidence, we gathered nothing to convince us this place is haunted.  

Investigation Results:
This trip yielded no convincing evidence to support the rumors.  

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