Sunday, February 11, 2018

Investigation - State Theater

Investigation Location:
The Historic State Theater

Mason County, WV

October 2007 
Historic Information:
The Historic State Theater was built in 1941. The Managers of the Theater reported to us that the ghost of the original owner of the theater, Ross Philson, still does his rounds in the theater every night at 8:45PM. They also reported to us seeing shadows in the theater area and around the ladies bathroom.

Investigation Overview:

Our initial visit to the Theater was during the Mothman Festival in September of 2007. While we were there, several group members were standing in the rear of the Theater and saw a shadow figure pass by the ladies room a number of times.

During the actual investigation several unusual, but not necessarily unexplainable things were noted. First as several team members were out in the open Theater they noted that one seat in particular had a cooler temperature and a jumpy EMF reading than the other seats surrounding it. We noted several odd noises, such as a strange rattling noise and what sounded like jack-in-the-box music playing in the distance. Also one of our investigators reported a personal experience, she felt as though something touched her on her back with heavy pressure, this happened just outside the former owners office. In the projection room (which is no longer used as such) a light came on an back off on it's own.

Investigation Results:


Investigation footage from the Historic State Theater investigation. The Theater managers were excited about this investigation and tagged along with us,  In this clip we are entering the boiler room, one of the managers is shutting off the air system which causes a metal cover to fall which causes a loud bang. Shortly after Theresa, HPIR Research Manager, has a personal experience that shakes her up. 

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