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Investigation - Ramsdell House Return

Investigation Location:.

Z.D. Ramsdell House

Ceredo, WV

January 2011


Z.D. Ramsdell was a businessman who soon settled in the area and opened a boot and shoe factory. In 1858, Ramsdell completed his home at 1108 B Street, Ceredo, a lot he purchased from the Jordan family. This brick building was the first of its kind in Ceredo, and was built by Mr. Denney Shine, a mason with the Chase Brothers Contractors. The home was built atop a mound, rumored to be an Adena Indian burial mound, and also contained a "hidden" basement.

According to local legend, this hidden basement was used as part of the Underground Railroad.  Slaves would be sheltered there before being ferried out during the night across the Ohio River into Lawrence County, Ohio.

Due to its involvement with the Underground Railroad and its location atop an Adena Mound, many ghost stories arise from the Ramsdell Home. Poltergeist activity such as doors opening and closing and lights switching on and off on their own accord are commonplace. In addition, it is rumored that you can hear the moans of slaves and chains rattling in the "hidden" basement. Apparitions of slaves have also been seen, as it is rumored that there are several who are buried on the property. Several Civil War veteran's graves are also said to be located on the property.


During our second investigation of the Ramsdell House we tried our hands at a new piece of equipment, a ghost box. This new instrument is pretty neat but is most certainly a questionable tool to use during a serious investigation. While it claimed to be used as a communication tool, it seems more of a tool of coincidence.

During the night the ghost box seemed to answer many questions that was asked, for example our investigators asked how many babies had been born in the birthing room when they received an answer of 17. However we can not conclude the ghost box answers were actual spirits communicating with us.

Late in the evening as we were finishing up ghost box and EVP sessions we were sitting very still and quiet in an upstairs bedroom when several other investigators just below us in the main room began to hear a loud thumping sound. They contacted us on two way radio to ask where the banging was coming from, and those who were upstairs sitting quietly had heard no noises whatsoever. After searching for the source of the noise, the investigators could not pinpoint where the sound came from.

Investigation Results:  

Our second Ramsdell House investigation was not a disappointment, in fact this investigation yielded numerous EVP's. Below we have chosen to publish our best EVP from this investigation. A little information on this EVP: This recorder was left sitting in an upstairs room while we were in other rooms downstairs talking, you will be able to hear the team talking in the background when a voice much closer to the recorder pops in about 10 seconds into the audio clip below. This EVP was captured in the room that was used by the children as a playroom.  

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