Sunday, February 11, 2018

Investigation - Private Home #1

Investigation Location:

Private Residence

Kenova, West Virginia.

November 2007 


This older home located in Kenova West Virginia, after three separate fires this home still stands, but the scars can still be seen inside the attic. After seeing the apparition of a little boy and the homeowners small children being frightened by a "bad man", they invited us in to investigate. They also reported seeing the apparition of the sheriff who lost his hand fighting one of the fires. The owners have also witnessed a bedroom door open on its own on several occasions, and report having been awakened by feeling a light touch on their feet.  


During our investigation we were not able to capture any apparitions of the little boy or man that had been reported by the homeowner, nor anything of a similar nature on video. We did conclude that a window in the stairway may be the cause of the homeowners seeing an apparition of a boy on the upper part of the stairs.

Later during the night while several investigators were working on EVP's in the attic they heard a thump that came from the back of the attic. They asked for the thump to be repeated, and their request was obliged. This thumping in response to request was caught on audio, as well as a voice we caught on audio responding to a question that was asked. Below is the clip of audio where you can hear what sounds like a male voice responding to a question asked by one of our investigators.

Investigation Results:  

This EVP was captured in the Attic of the house

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