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Investigation - Monitor School

Investigation Location:
The Monitor School

Lawrence County, Ohio

July 2007

Historic Information:

The Monitor School (or Coal Grove School) was built in 1905 as the area's new High School, and was later converted into an elementary school. It was built by Cooke Bros. Construction Company with architect T.S. Murray, a local citizen. T.S. Murray had his office on the second floor of the Furlong building, and his company was sued by St. Joseph's in the 1880s for breach of contract.

It was part of what later became the Dawson-Bryant school district.The school apparently closed sometime in the 1980s/1990s after a new school was built. The date listed on one site is 1984. The school had been named a defendant in a law suit regarding outdated heating practices involving coal. Afterwards, it was apparently still owned by the Dawson-Bryant School District. In 2000, the community tried to rally together and turn the abandoned school into a community center. It was, however bought by an investor who wished to turn it into an apartment complex. The community again rallied...this time AGAINST those plans. They wanted to keep the building in as original condition as possible. It is now back on the market. The main paranormal activity reported is strange lights seen inside the building when no one is there, and also scant reports of a ghostly janitor seen roaming the halls.  
This is a very spectacular building architecture wise, it is a shame that nobody has bought it, restored it and made good use of it. Although the structure of the building is very sound, overall it is in pretty poor condition. It has been abandoned for 8-10 years, most of the windows are broken and many boarded up. The interior is a mess with bird droppings and dead bats, and the remnants of an attempt to turn the building into apartments. The roof is in great need of repair as pigeons have taken residence in its rotting areas. Inside there are still a few reminders of the halls full of children that once walked there, from a old dusty out of tune piano, and a ball that was lying in one of the old classrooms and even a photograph of a little boy who looked to be in the hospital with a broken leg. We really enjoyed our time inside this building, however that night was relatively quite with the exception of a bird flying out from total darkness scaring one of our guests. We found no trace of paranormal activity during our investigation of the Monitor School. For now the halls of this old school will remain quiet.

Investigation Results:

Video clip from the investigation at the Monitor School, Melissa and Theresa stumble upon a photograph laying in the floor of a little boy ...perhaps the photo of a former student of the school?

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