Sunday, February 11, 2018

Investigation - Guyandotte Cemetery

Investigation Location:

Guyandotte Church Cemetery

Huntington WV

September 2008 

Guyandotte Church Cemetery is located in the Historic District of Guyandotte, a section of Huntington. It is the oldest church cemetery in Cabell County. Many of the early settlers of the town of Guyandotte are buried in this cemetery as well as a number of Veterans of the Revolutionary War. The original Guyandotte Methodist Episcopal Church was founded in 1804, the cemetery was located behind the original church. There have been a number of reports of haunted activity associated with this cemetery.  

This was a relatively short investigation, with no ghost stories to base an investigation on we had to just try and see what see what we come up with. After reviewing all evidence we ended up empty handed in this ghost hunt.

However after learning more about this cemetery in the time we have been offering our haunted walking tours of Guyandotte, we have came across some quite fascinating historical facts including many unmarked graves, a ghost who visits her husbands former grave site, a possible empty grave, a grave that has ties to Jesse James and one that may have ties to Mothman. To learn more about these stories come join us for a Ghost Tour!

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