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Investigation - Emmitt House Restaurant

Investigation Location:
Emmitt House Restaurant

Waverly Ohio

October 2007

The Emmitt House is located in Waverly, Ohio and was built in 1861 by the town's first entrepreneur, James Emmitt. Emmitt hired the illegitimate son of Thomas Jefferson to construct a hotel/restaurant along the bank of the newly built Ohio-Erie Canal.

The building housed the Emmitt House Restaurant until it burned down and was subsequently demolished in January of 2014.

A number of ghosts are said to inhabit it. Employees and patrons report smelling James Emmett's cigar smoke, and even leave packages of cigars out for him. An older lady is seen cleaning when no one should be there, and two ghostly children said to be from the Harper family are seen roaming about. Slaves from the days of the Underground Railroad are seen or heard in the basement, and different poltergeist like activity is experienced.
Investigation Overview:
The Emmitt House is a very large building consisting of 3 floors a large basement and an attic. We tried to cover as much of the building as possible and concentrated on the areas with the most reported activity. Some things that were told to us by the Emmitt House's bookkeeper were seeing the former owner Mr. Emmitt walking around the building, one lady was told to "get out" by an unseen entity in a 3rd floor room, and reports of objects in the kitchen falling off shelves. The Emmitt House is located right on Rt. 23, a very busy 4 lane highway. The building has large plate glass windows and many many reflective surfaces which may account for some odd visual occurrences that have been reported. During our investigation we had one odd occurrence happen. We were in the entry hall that leads to the dining rooms (right by the stairway) when over our talking we heard some banging sounds coming from down the hallway.

As we walked down the hall trying to following the sound and pinpoint it, it stopped. It appeared the sound came from the kitchen and sounded very much like the lid of a pot banging against the pot. We walked into the kitchen and looked around, nothing looked out of place. We started rattling and banging around the pots and pans to see if we could duplicate the sound, and we were able to. The sound we heard seemed very deliberate, it was not the sound of pots and pans shifting, tumbling or vibrating. It was a consistent banging that lasted approximately 15 seconds and was heard by at least 4 investigators. There appeared to be no evidence of mice or rats in the building, which is one theory we came up with to explain the sounds.

HPIR Video from the Investigation of the Emmitt House

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