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Investigation - Dr. Grimes Dental Office

Investigation Location:
Dr. Grimes Dental Office

Huntington, WV

May & October 2007 
Historic Information:
Dr. Grimes Dental Office was formerly a duplex house built in the early 1900's. Bought by Dr. Grimes in the early 1970's, paranormal experiences have prevailed through the decades to present day. In fact Dr. Grimes has kept a journal of "ghostly occurrences" that have happened since he purchased the building. Some history of this location includes several deaths, one lady in particular named Lavina died in this home as a result of illness. The death of a baby is claimed to have occurred in the bathroom as a result of drowning. Dr. Grimes believed Lavina to haunt the rooms of this building although she has not been seen in many years. Still though, experiences of heavy footsteps on the stairways and in the halls can still be heard from time to time, shadows can been seen and even the occasional apparition.
Investigation Overview - May 2007
Overall this investigation was quite exciting, Dr. Grimes office is a very unique place. We found several possible explanations for some of the reported claims of activity within the office. There is a back room where we found extremely high EMF readings; an electrical box and some dental equipment were giving off extremely high EMF readings. Of course for some people, being exposed to high electro-magnetic fields can result in adverse effects such as hallucinations and even physical illness.

Average EMF readings through the rest of the building were of average range considering the amount of equipment located throughout. The only unusual occurrence noted by investigators on this evening was the odor of peaches in the upper bedroom that once was thought to belong to Lavina. Several investigators noticed the fragrance and were unable to find a source. Members of Dr. Grimes staff claim they have never noticed any unusual odors in the building before.

We would like to thank the staff of Dr. Grimes for a great investigation! Following this investigation we were called back to the office about 6 months later for a second investigation. Continue reading for our October 2007 investigation….
Investigation Overview - October 2007:
We were called back to Dr. Grimes office for a second investigation after employee's contacted us saying the activity in the office had seemed to pick up in the recent weeks. The employee's were experiencing a lot of strange bangs and noises which was frightening several of them.

Within the first hour of investigation, some members of the group who were investigating upstairs, heard a noise similar to keys rattling in a back room. Later that evening, two separate investigators again heard more rattling sounds coming from one of the back rooms upstairs. Also, In two separate incidents, two different investigators reported the sensation of light touches one on his hand, the other on the top of his head.

Overall the acoustics of this building are a little strange and it is located on a rather busy road which could account for some of the noises that were heard this night. After careful evidence review we did seem to pick up a possible EVP that came from a downstairs exam room.

During our initial setup we had began recording the wireless audio while the team was in the waiting room setting up equipment. In this clip of audio below you will hear our investigators in the background working on the setup and among our investigators talking you will hear what sounds like a whisper. This is the only piece of evidence we have collected from the second investigation of Dr. Grimes office. 


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