Sunday, February 11, 2018

Investigation - Civil War Hotel

Investigation Location:

Civil War Hotel

Huntington, West Virginia.

November 2011 

This old Hotel has numerous claims of ghostly encounters including the spirit of a small child and a nurse. Other claims from this building are televisions and other electrical devices that tend to turn themselves off at random.  
During the course of the night, one of our team members saw what she described as a shadow darting behind a door. A bit later the same investigator saw another described shadow in a different room. Our team member who was watching the video monitor reported seeing a short shadow come partly out from a doorway, she witnessed this twice in the span of a hour. We tried to determine if what she saw was a play of light, or reflection so we tried to re-create the shadow with no success. We of course will report any video findings if we determine this shadow to be something we can't find an explanation for.

Another unusual notation about this investigation was, while using the Ovilus, a high percentage of the words this little device was saying was incredibly relevant to the building's history. We have used the Ovilus several other times and in most cases the words are very random and not very relevant to anything about the investigation location.

While on the second level of the building, two team members were sitting quietly when a loud bang was heard. Other members on the lower level were all sitting at the time the noise was heard, and those on the lower level did not hear it. The two who heard the loud noise searched the area in an attempt to find the source, and were unsuccessful. The video is posted below, use headphones for best audio. 
Investigation Results:
While the evidence we caught is pretty unusual and exciting, we did not capture enough to really prove one way or the other that this location is haunted. Overall the investigation was great, and we enjoyed our night at this old historic hotel. 
Investigation Video:

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