Sunday, February 11, 2018

Investigation - Historic Civil War Home Cabell County

Investigation Location:

Historic Civil War Home

Cabell County, WV

September 2011

This home has quite a long and colorful history, with many reports of paranormal activity over the years. Claims range from hearing phantom footsteps all the way up to seeing full apparitions.

Investigation Overview:

This home is one we had planned on investigating for a while now and finally decided the time was right to look into the claims of activity. Overall the investigation was fairly calm with a few of the members reporting some odd feelings of being watched and some unusual sensations. For the first time we chose to try a new technique, after actively investigating for several hours we left the house until the following day to allow the cameras to run the rest of the night in the unoccupied home. We hoped that our presence in the home may have stirred up some activity, and after leaving we hoped that perhaps we might capture something while the house was left sitting empty.

Investigation Results:

This is by far the longest review we have had to do. This EVP was caught while one recorder was left running in a room while the group investigated elsewhere in the house. There is what sounds like a growl which may be a very scruffy voice, or may even be something else completely. Just after this noise you will hear a voice whisper something and at the end of the audio clip it sounds like another voice making a very abrupt statement. The beeping noises are our team members setting off a motion sensor.

(clicking the link will give you more detailed information about the clip, may take a moment to load) 

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