Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Group Updates:October 2017

Hey friends! We know it has been super quiet on our blog, but I want to pop in to say hello and Happy October! This is our group’s favorite season for many reasons, cooler weather, colorful leaves but also, it’s that time of year when all things spooky and scary are lurking around the corner to try to scare you. Halloween is a fun time for us, and while we have not been doing any paranormal investigating in a while, we always get together in October and November for ghost tour season.

TOUR UPDATE- We are working on plans for our upcoming tours on Oct 28th and Nov 4th, there is always lots of work to do but in the end, we always have an enjoyable time. What keeps us coming back year after year to continue our tours are our tour guests. Each year we see some of the same faces we have seen coming since we began in 2008, that's 9 years guys! Each year we also introduce our tours to new folks and we have met people from far and wide who have come to visit us just to take a tour.

Our tours are a mix of history and haunts, we have a small area that consists of several blocks that is just packed full of history and with the kind of history that Guyandotte holds, there are some creepy legends that have come from all of the events that have taken place there in the past 207 years. Guyandotte was established in 1810, but it's history did not just begin at that time. Years before, the Native Americans and early settlers inhabited that little bit of land at the mouth of the Guyandotte river where it meets the mighty Ohio River. Stories have emerged from way back before Guyandotte was ever a town, and we have a treasure trove or stories to share with you. We hope you make plans to attend.

11th ANNIVERSARY - Our group began in the summer of 2006, this year marked our 11th year as a team.  Over the course of 11 years life has changed for most of us, and while our passion is still there, we have many things in our daily lives that have just taken priority. It may not be as easy to get together like we once did, we hope to keep it going in one way or another and hopefully we will have some projects on the horizon.

WEBSITE/BLOG UPDATE - If you see a bunch of blog posts with past investigations on them, I have been working on transferring our old data from our website over to the blog. Its been slow going, and there are a bunch of missing links to audio and video but in time, I hope to have it all pulled together sooner rather than later. But it is a lot information to move over. We decided to drop our website because the site itself just wasn't popular anymore. More people have migrated to social media and blogs for their information so we are just trying to keep up with what interests our followers. The same is true for our ghost tour site, we reach many more people through social media than our website so we dropped that site as well. Everything you need or want to know about HPIR or Haunted & Historic Guyandotte Tours now lies within the pages of this blog and our related Facebook pages.

Anyway guys, that is our current updates and hopefully it won't be so long before our next post. See you soon!


  1. Will there b anymore tours of Guyandotte or anywhere near Huntington, WV?

  2. Will there b any more tours of Guyandotte or near Huntington, WV