Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Investigation - Old Farmhouse Cabell County

Investigation Location:

1900 Farm House

Huntington, WV

September 2012


This old farm house is in Cabell County and was built around the turn of the last century. The old farmhouse was home to several generations of one family until just recently. One of our investigators had the opportunity to visit the house several times, but after a few visits she began having strange experiences while at the house. HPIR was given permission to do a formal investigation of the house after our fellow investigators strange experiences.


We did a basic investigation as the house had no electricity at the time of our investigation. Using battery operated handheld equipment we focused mainly on the house itself, and some on the grounds surrounding. The house was very quiet that evening with no personal experiences or unusual occurrences. Upon audio review however, we seemed to have captured several EVP's during our night at the house.  

Investigation Results:

This photo was taken by a visitor to the house who was with our investigator. If you look closely in the top pane of the window, you will see what appears maybe to be head and shoulders of a man. What do you see?

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