Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Investigation - Kentucky Firestation

Investigation Location:

Fire Station

Boyd County Kentucky

September 2006 

This building is approximately 20 years old. The Firefighters who work there have reported hearing voices in the building, hearing children’s voices and banging when no children are present in the building. Hearing footsteps and what sounds like someone scraping their boot on the drainage grate that runs the length of the bay. One of the firefighters reported being pushed by something that was not there.  


Reports from this fire station by the firefighters include hearing children playing upstairs when no children are present in the building, hearing banging noises coming from upstairs and reports of seeing the apparition of a firefighter in his blue uniform sitting inside of one of the fire trucks.

During the Investigation several investigators had personal experiences within the fire station. One investigator felt as if she had been touched on the elbow by something. Two other investigators had the sensation of something touching their face. All of these events took place in the bay, or the area in which the fire trucks are parked. Also in the bay, several investigators heard what they thought was a woman’s voice.

In the fire Chief’s office, three investigators were attempting to collect EVP's and while asking for a sign of a presence, a knocking in response to the question was heard and captured on audio. In the Chief’s office we experienced a lot of EMF fluctuations.  We also had a lot of camera batteries which were drained very quickly throughout the evening, including a digital camera and the thermal camera which drained at the same time in the Chief’s office.

After carefully going over all the audio we had collected from this investigation, we discovered that we apparently had caught several EVP's. Our EVP's seemed to have centered on Danny’s questions who also works at the fire station.

Investigation Results:

Our EVP's seem to match some of the stories from the Firefighters at the Station. 


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