Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Investigation - Kelly Cemetery

Investigation Location:

Kelly Cemetery

Lawrence County, Ohio

November 2006

Historic Information:

Kelly Cemetery is located near Ironton, Ohio. Kelly Cemetery was established on June 22, 1851 by one of Ironton’s most prestigious citizens, William D. Kelly. The original Kelly homestead was located up the hill to the left of the cemetery, and was later renovated into the Deaconess Hospital. The following link contains a list of burials at Kelly Cemetery.  

We decided to check out this cemetery when we received a photo submission from someone who had captured what appeared to be plasma lights on some photos at this cemetery. We did not capture any lights in our photographs aside from lights from the nearby road and buildings.  We found no evidence to prove this cemetery to be haunted.

Investigation Results:

We made a second trip to Kelly Cemetery shortly after our first visit. We gathered no physical evidence but 3 out of the 5 people who went that night had a very strange feeling. One investigator reported the sensation of something hitting her forcefully on the back of the leg. A second investigator visibly saw what he believed to be an orb of light or energy in the woods behind the cemetery with his. Unfortunately we can not make an conclusions based on feelings alone.

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