Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Investigation - General Jenkins Plantation House 2006

Investigation Location:

General Jenkins House

Cabell County, WV

October 2006

Historic Information:

Located in Green Bottom WV, The Jenkins Plantation is a historic site; the plantation house was built in 1835 by Captain William Jenkins. The Plantation was once over 4, 000 acres and ran by up to 1oo slaves. Later the plantation was owned and ran by Captain Jenkins’ son General Albert Gallatin Jenkins. There have been many reports about the Jenkins Home and Plantation grounds being haunted. Some reports suggest that children can be seen and heard in and around the house playing, moving shadows spotted throughout the grounds, faces appearing in the windows of the house, just to name a few.

Investigation Overview:

This Investigation took place inside the Jenkins Plantation House. The evening was mostly uneventful, but we had some reports from various odors and aromas such as pipe smoke, a popcorn scent, nuts, fresh baked bread and the scent of roses were reported in and around the house. One investigator heard what they thought sounded like a bowling ball striking a bowling pin, and this was captured on audio.

We were told by the historian that General Jenkins once had his own bowling alley in the attic of the house and would go up there and bowl quite often. Upon reviewing our evidence that was collected in the Jenkins house we stumbled upon some rather unusual audio.  

Jenkins Plantation (EVP in the Attic) 2007

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