Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Investigation - General Jenkins Plantation Grounds 2006 & 2007

Investigation Location:
General Albert G. Jenkins Plantation

September 2006 & April 2007

Currently Closed to the Public

Historic Information:
Located in Green Bottom WV, The Jenkins Plantation is a historic site; the plantation house was built in 1835 by Captain William Jenkins. The Plantation was once over 4, 000 acres and ran by up to 100 slaves. Later the plantation was owned and ran by Captain Jenkins’ son General Albert Gallatin Jenkins. There have been many reports about the Jenkins Home and Plantation grounds being haunted. Some reports suggest that children can be seen and heard in and around the house playing, moving shadows spotted throughout the grounds, faces appearing in the windows of the house, just to name a few.  

September 2006 - Several group members heard what sounded like people talking off in the distance. The voices seem to be coming from the swamp area, it was doubtful anyone was out there without a flashlight although we can not say that there maybe was someone there. Our only other explanation for hearing voices in the swamp a could have been an echo from nearby homes. During the EVP sweep at the front door, one of our investigators was looking inside through the window, and he saw what he described as a shadowy figure pass by the window blocking out the light from the other side, we collected no evidence however.

Investigation Results:

Over several investigations of the Jenkins Plantation and consistently getting EVP's from this property, we feel that something most likely is haunting the house and the surrounding property.

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