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Investigation - Colonial Lanes

Investigation Location:

Colonial Lanes

Huntington, WV

April 2011


Colonial Lanes was built in 1959 on Huntington's West Side. Shortly after it was built, ten additional lanes were constructed, along with a connected beer tavern known as the Taproom.

In 1967, the Taproom received its liquor license and was officially renamed Rebels and Redcoats Tavern. It became a 4-star restaurant in 1969 and served food up until 2004, when it reverted back to a tavern.

The hauntings at Colonial Lanes seem concentrated on only the tavern area of the complex, with the upstairs stockroom, kitchen, and wine room being the most paranormally active.  According to several seasoned employees interviewed for a Marshall University Parthenon article, the activity began shortly after the death of Mr. Frankel, one of the former owners.  Mr. Frankel is said to have been a friendly and compassionate man who always went out of his way for his staff and patrons.  Incidentally, employees say activity has decreased significantly over the past 15-20 years. HPIR has received an update from the Frankel family stating that the activity did not, nor ever concentrate on Frankel's presence, or lack thereof.

Nevertheless, the tavern is still believed by many to be one of the most haunted locations in the tri-state area.  

Here's a sampling of activity reported over the years:

-The smell of cherry pipe tobacco and the sound of heavy footsteps coming from the stockroom. 
-People hearing their name being whispered or called out. 
The door to the kitchen opening, then slamming shut.  
-A swinging door near the bar swings open wide as if someone is going through. 
-Employees leave the room, only to return to the chairs stacked on top of the tables, and other things moved or out of place. 
-Opening employees find things like the radio turned on, even though they know it was turned off the night before at  closing. 
-One man heard a knock at the bathroom door when no one was around except for one other person who was no where near the bathroom at the time.


During the investigation several investigators reported seeing various shadows and shadowy figures throughout the bowling alley. Several investigators reported seeing the same shadow figure on the far end of the bowling alley. One investigator had a new piece of equipment during this investigation, the ovilus. The investigators using the ovilus seemed to get some very relevant responses to questions, one response in particular was "bowl", being in a bowling alley this was quite interesting.

Further updates will following when all evidence has been reviewed and analyzed.
Investigation Results: 
No evidence of paranormal activity was found during this investigation. 

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