Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Investigation - Buffington House 2

Investigation Location:

Historic Buffington House

Huntington West Virginia.

October 2011 


This was our second investigation of the historic Buffington House. We setup audio and video recordings the night our group was giving ghost tours of the area. We had the equipment going before and after the tours, and we stayed a few hours after the tours were over to investigate.

Before tours began two EVP's were captured in the house. At the time, two female investigators were inside getting ready for the coming tour groups. Later during the tours, a number of tour patrons and even one of our team members who was working that night as a tour guide, heard a number of unusual things. Several tour patrons claimed to hear something like furniture being moved across the floor above them as well as heavy footsteps in the upper level of the house. That night, there was absolutely nobody in the upstairs portion of the home while tours were going on. To make things a little more unusual, the room which was pointed out to us, is the only room in the home that has a fully carpeted floor.

Investigation Results:

Two EVP's caught when no males were present in the home. 





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