Friday, February 3, 2017

Investigation - Buffington House 1

Investigation Location:

Historic Buffington House built 1816

Huntington, WV

June 2010 

This home is one of the oldest in the county, it was built in 1816. Prominent owners included Dr. Thomas Buffington and Dr. McGinnis and his family, Dr. McGinnis' son died at the age of four years old while living in the home.

Activity reported in the home included the sounds of children playing and unusual temperature fluctuations.

The night of our investigation was mostly quiet and uneventful, however after reviewing our recordings we found we had caught several EVP's.

The following week after our investigation was the weekend of our first ghost tours of the season. During the tour we had a member of our team inside the home portraying a historic figure from the home's past. The home's owners graciously allowed us to bring our tour groups inside for a small presentation by our group member.

During the hours our member was there, he and a friend who came along, had a not so quiet night as they were waiting in between tour groups. They reported the sounds of bells that were on the door, jingling on their own. As one group was inside a tour guide and group member both heard someone walking on the stairs behind them. The stairs had been blocked off by a large table to keep guests from wandering up them. Late in the evening as the home's owner and our team members were finishing up getting ready to leave, a piece of peppermint candy (from a bowl on the table blocking the stairs) was thrown across the room and hit our guy.  

Investigation Results:
We obtained an audio clip that came from a bedroom in the home, and is the voice of what we believe is a child.  

(clicking the link will give you more detailed information about the EVP, may take a moment to load)

Buffington House (EVP Child) 2010

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