Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Investigation - Private Residence #3

Investigation Location:

 Private Residence 3

Huntington, West Virginia.

August 2007

Historic Information:

This 12 room home was built in 1910 and is located near downtown Huntington West Virginia. The homeowner reports the sounds of men and women talking in the upstairs foyer, doors slamming and opening on their own, objects disappear and the reappear, children can be heard playing in the basement, seeing orbs with the naked eye, front porch light flickers on and off in response to questions, and reports of a shadowy apparition. Also reported are sighing sounds, cold breezes, and growling sounds.

It is thought that the suicide of a former homeowner took place in the bathroom of the home approximately 10 years ago. There was also a recent death of an occupant of the home, although it was never stated whether the occupant died in the home or elsewhere.  

We believe that there may be many factors as to the activity of this home, it is an older home with many antique furnishings, there are occult items in the home which the owner admits his interest in, and their has been a recent death of a former occupant.

During our investigation it was noted that several investigators felt a sensation of being dizzy, the porch light flickering was witnessed by the two investigators who were conducting the interview, one investigator felt as though something had grabbed onto and was twisting her thigh as she was descending the stairs, another investigator had the sensation of a sharp shooting pain in his arm as though a needle had stuck him, and finally a guest of one of our investigators reported that something unseen touched his leg while he was in the attic. Although there were many reports of personal experiences this night, but in the end we had no evidence to show for it. 

Investigation Results:
Much of the personal experiences that happened were in areas with documented higher than average EMF readings, which could factor into so many personal experiences. We feel that much of the activity that has been reported is centered around the client and a stressful time in his life.  

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