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Investigation - Harveytown Elementary/ Huntington Radio Museum

Investigation Location:

Harveytown Elementary/ Huntington Radio Museum

Huntington WV

July 2013


From Theresa’s Haunted History of the Tri-State (article from 2011)

This past February, I had the chance to represent HPIR's Haunted and Historical Guyandotte Tours at the annual History Day at the Legislature. In this yearly event, historical societies and organizations from all over the state meet in the capitol rotunda to share information and present displays of historical significance to the state.

Among many of the wonderful people I met and chatted with were several members of the Museum of Radio and Technology, located in Huntington, WV. Seeing that I was representing a tour business offering ghost tours and ran by a paranormal investigation group, the wife of the former president shared with me some interesting information about the museum.....It seems that the museum may house not only decades worth of radio and technology history, but also a ghostly imprint or two!

The museum is housed in what was once the old Harveytown Elementary school, located on Florence Avenue in Huntington, and butted right up against the Harvey Cemetery. Although I haven't verified it, I believe the school was built either in the late 1920s or early 1930s, and was still operating as a school at least into the early 1980s (based on yearbook photos I found online!).

The many years of children passing through these halls has possibly led to a psychic imprint, sometimes picked up on by more intuitive guests. The main "hauntings" of this building are auditory, and consist largely of an incident where several people at one time witnessed what sounded like the voices of children singing together. This sound was coming from the auditorium, possibly from the loudspeaker. However, there was no one present in the building, and no electronics turned on that could account for the sounds heard.

Another incident may have been slightly more intelligent in nature. Witnesses felt a cold breeze blow past them, among various other bits of oddness. Nothing has ever felt scary or malevolent, and years ago an investigation of the property yielded the conclusion that nothing there was out to harm anyone. Are these the voices from a period long ago bleeding through into our realm? Does the collection of antique radios and equipment attract those from another time? Visit the museum some weekend, and find out!


Reports of activity from our investigation consist of hearing children in the gymnasium, and seeing a figure in the kitchen area.

Investigation Results:

Our investigation did not yield any conclusive evidence to support the reports of haunting's in the building. It seems that largely any activity that may be present could be the residual energy from the days this museum was once a busy and active school.  








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