Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Investigation - Guyandotte 1880's House

Investigation Location:

1880’s Home

Huntington, WV

May 2012


This home was built in the 1880's and has been subject of some pretty serious haunting allegations. The home has seen a number of tragic events over the years and we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to investigate the claims.  


Our investigation of this home remained mostly quite throughout the night. We did not experience any of the claims from the home which over the years have involved physical contact and harm to residents living there. We did however have a rather unusual experience with some dowsing rods. We do not normally use dowsing rods as a tool for investigations, however one investigator brought a set to try out that night. As she was using the rods, we were asking questions and the rods were crossing seemingly to answer the questions we were asking. Of course we can not base any findings on our experience with the rods, but it was something different than our usual experiments.

Investigation Results:
After a review of audio, one of our investigators had a number of voices on her recorder. As she listened, she began to believe that the voice she was hearing on the recorder was not of one of the house spirits, but one that may have followed her there.

Listen to the audio files from the 1880's House below: 
(clicking the links will give you more detailed information about each EVP, may take a moment to load) 

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