Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Investigation - Campbell-Flannagan-Murrell House Museum

Investigation Location:

Campbell Flannagan Murrell House Museum

Hinton, WV

July 2013

This home, which today serves as a local museum was built in 1875 by Edgar Campbell and his wife Elizabeth.

Reports from this old house include full body apparitions and unexplained noises. This house has also inexplicably been saved from being burned down several times.

Investigation Results:

Our investigation was rather quite until two of our investigators walked into an upstairs bedroom, one of the investigators was quite started when she heard a strong male voice speak right behind her. We caught this incident on camera and audio, the video is below and shows the investigators reaction to the voice and a split second before her reaction you can hear a male voice come across the audio. The remainder of the evening was quiet minus this one audible EVP.   



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