Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Investigation - Bobby Mackey's Music World

Investigation Location:

Bobby Mackey's Music World

Wilder, Kentucky

May 2007

Historic Information:

Bobby Mackey's Music World located in Wilder Kentucky was originally built in the 1850's. This building has been everything from a Slaughterhouse, to a Casino to the present day country music night club. Many deaths have been documented that occurred within the walls of now Bobby Mackey's Music World over the years. Several ghosts are rumored to haunt this night club including a lady named Pearl who was said to have been decapitated as a sacrifice for a group of Satanists.

One of the original features of this building is still intact, a well that resides in the basement of the building still remains. During the time that this building was used as a Slaughterhouse the well was used to drain the blood of the animals into the nearby river. This building has been nicknamed "Hell's Gate" and has even had a book written about it's ghosts and it's story has been featured on the Discovery & Travel channels.

Investigation Overview:

This building did not live up to our expectations. We expected more than a quiet night after reading all the stories of "Hell's Gate". We were let down by the lack of activity that occurred that night. We had no personal experiences to report during our investigation of Bobby Mackey's Music World. However the group did enjoy exploring the basement of the building, with many hidden rooms the infamous "well" and even a jail cell.  

We believe that some of the stories from Bobby Mackey's could possibly be alcohol induced being that it is a bar. The higher than normal EMF readings throughout the entire building of course can cause hallucinations among other things. In all we feel that  the haunting allegations of Bobby Mackey's quite possibly could be an exaggeration. There are several confirmed deaths that have taken place during this buildings lifetime, not to mention it was once used as a slaughterhouse but we do not feel these stories are enough to prove it's title of "Hell's Gate". 

Investigation Results:

No evidence of paranormal activity was found during this investigation. 


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