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Group Updates:October 2017

Hey friends! We know it has been super quiet on our blog, but I want to pop in to say hello and Happy October! This is our group’s favorite season for many reasons, cooler weather, colorful leaves but also, it’s that time of year when all things spooky and scary are lurking around the corner to try to scare you. Halloween is a fun time for us, and while we have not been doing any paranormal investigating in a while, we always get together in October and November for ghost tour season.

TOUR UPDATE- We are working on plans for our upcoming tours on Oct 28th and Nov 4th, there is always lots of work to do but in the end, we always have an enjoyable time. What keeps us coming back year after year to continue our tours are our tour guests. Each year we see some of the same faces we have seen coming since we began in 2008, that's 9 years guys! Each year we also introduce our tours to new folks and we have met people from far and wide who have come to visit us just to take a tour.

Our tours are a mix of history and haunts, we have a small area that consists of several blocks that is just packed full of history and with the kind of history that Guyandotte holds, there are some creepy legends that have come from all of the events that have taken place there in the past 207 years. Guyandotte was established in 1810, but it's history did not just begin at that time. Years before, the Native Americans and early settlers inhabited that little bit of land at the mouth of the Guyandotte river where it meets the mighty Ohio River. Stories have emerged from way back before Guyandotte was ever a town, and we have a treasure trove or stories to share with you. We hope you make plans to attend.

11th ANNIVERSARY - Our group began in the summer of 2006, this year marked our 11th year as a team.  Over the course of 11 years life has changed for most of us, and while our passion is still there, we have many things in our daily lives that have just taken priority. It may not be as easy to get together like we once did, we hope to keep it going in one way or another and hopefully we will have some projects on the horizon.

WEBSITE/BLOG UPDATE - If you see a bunch of blog posts with past investigations on them, I have been working on transferring our old data from our website over to the blog. Its been slow going, and there are a bunch of missing links to audio and video but in time, I hope to have it all pulled together sooner rather than later. But it is a lot information to move over. We decided to drop our website because the site itself just wasn't popular anymore. More people have migrated to social media and blogs for their information so we are just trying to keep up with what interests our followers. The same is true for our ghost tour site, we reach many more people through social media than our website so we dropped that site as well. Everything you need or want to know about HPIR or Haunted & Historic Guyandotte Tours now lies within the pages of this blog and our related Facebook pages.

Anyway guys, that is our current updates and hopefully it won't be so long before our next post. See you soon!

Haunted & Historic Guyandotte Tours 2017

Guyandotte Ghost Tours 2017

Our popular Haunted & Historic Guyandotte Tours are returning this month for our 9th year! Our ghost tours bring out hundreds of people who are interested in the history and of course the legendary ghost stories of this once thriving town of Guyandotte. Guyandotte is currently a neighborhood of Huntington, West Virginia. Guyandotte was established in 1810, many years before Huntington but eventually was annexed in the early 1900s. With over 200 years of historic as well as tragic events that took place here, the community of Guyandotte is alive with many spooky tales and ghostly encounters. Two-hundred-year-old homes and buildings still stand in this little neighborhood, and many of them are believed to still alive with remnants of their past. Come join us on an upcoming crisp fall evening as we walk through the streets of Guyandotte and get an up-close look at the locations where current residents say the spirits of Guyandotte still roam. 


Cemetery, River & Rail Trail Haunted Tour

Description - This is a 1 hour walking tour that will cover approx. 1/2 mile from the Guyandotte Cemetery on 5th Ave through parts of the Paul Ambrose Trail for Health along the Guyandotte river's edge. 
Date - October 28, 2017

Cost- FREE!  Tickets are free, but you must reserve your spot on a tour. Ticket reservations are required through our online ticket site with Eventbrite. Because the tours are free of charge, we will be limiting the number of tickets available each night. Tickets are also limited to 5 per person. Ticket reservations will run from Wednesday October 25th at midnight through Saturday October 28th at noon. Very limited walk-on spots will be available, so be sure to reserve your space in advance so that you don't miss the tour! Be sure to arrive about 15-minutes early for your tour to check-in. Just show us your reservation on your smartphone to check-in!

Tour Location - 305 Main St. Guyandotte. (Guyandotte United Methodist Church Parking Lot

Time - 6:30PM-10:00PM

Parking - Street Parking Only


Ghostly Encounters of 1861 Haunted Tour

Description - This is a 1.5-hour walking tour through the main historic section of Guyandotte. During this tour, you will hear the story of the civil war battle that took place in Guyandotte and learn of the ghosts that are believed to still inhabit the town more than 150 years after the battle. This tour also takes place during the annual Guyandotte Civil War Days event that re-enacts the events that took place in Guyandotte in November of 1861.

Date - November 4, 2017

Cost- FREE!  Tickets are free, but you must reserve your spot on a tour. Ticket reservations are required through our online ticket site with Eventbrite. Because the tours are free of charge, we will be limiting the number of tickets available each night. Tickets are also limited to 5 per person. Ticket reservations will run from Wednesday November 1st at midnight through Saturday November 4th at noon. Limited tickets will be available, so be sure to reserve your space in advance so that you don't miss the tour! Be sure to arrive about 15-20minutes early for your tour to check-in. Just show us your reservation on your smartphone to check-in!

Tour Location - 203 Richmond St. Guyandotte. (Guyandotte Library)

Time - 7:00PM-10:00PM

Parking - Street Parking Only



-Due to the content and length of the tour, tours are not recommended for children under the age of 10.

-All children under 17 must remain with an adult during the tour.

-Flashlights are recommended.

-Cameras are welcome.

-No smoking on this tour.

-No pets are permitted on the tour.

-No person under the influence of any substances such as drugs or alcohol shall be permitted to take a tour


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Investigation - Old Farmhouse Cabell County

Investigation Location:

1900 Farm House

Huntington, WV

September 2012


This old farm house is in Cabell County and was built around the turn of the last century. The old farmhouse was home to several generations of one family until just recently. One of our investigators had the opportunity to visit the house several times, but after a few visits she began having strange experiences while at the house. HPIR was given permission to do a formal investigation of the house after our fellow investigators strange experiences.


We did a basic investigation as the house had no electricity at the time of our investigation. Using battery operated handheld equipment we focused mainly on the house itself, and some on the grounds surrounding. The house was very quiet that evening with no personal experiences or unusual occurrences. Upon audio review however, we seemed to have captured several EVP's during our night at the house.  

Investigation Results:

This photo was taken by a visitor to the house who was with our investigator. If you look closely in the top pane of the window, you will see what appears maybe to be head and shoulders of a man. What do you see?

Investigation - Kelly Cemetery

Investigation Location:

Kelly Cemetery

Lawrence County, Ohio

November 2006

Historic Information:

Kelly Cemetery is located near Ironton, Ohio. Kelly Cemetery was established on June 22, 1851 by one of Ironton’s most prestigious citizens, William D. Kelly. The original Kelly homestead was located up the hill to the left of the cemetery, and was later renovated into the Deaconess Hospital. The following link contains a list of burials at Kelly Cemetery.  

We decided to check out this cemetery when we received a photo submission from someone who had captured what appeared to be plasma lights on some photos at this cemetery. We did not capture any lights in our photographs aside from lights from the nearby road and buildings.  We found no evidence to prove this cemetery to be haunted.

Investigation Results:

We made a second trip to Kelly Cemetery shortly after our first visit. We gathered no physical evidence but 3 out of the 5 people who went that night had a very strange feeling. One investigator reported the sensation of something hitting her forcefully on the back of the leg. A second investigator visibly saw what he believed to be an orb of light or energy in the woods behind the cemetery with his. Unfortunately we can not make an conclusions based on feelings alone.

Investigation - General Jenkins Plantation House 2006

Investigation Location:

General Jenkins House

Cabell County, WV

October 2006

Historic Information:

Located in Green Bottom WV, The Jenkins Plantation is a historic site; the plantation house was built in 1835 by Captain William Jenkins. The Plantation was once over 4, 000 acres and ran by up to 1oo slaves. Later the plantation was owned and ran by Captain Jenkins’ son General Albert Gallatin Jenkins. There have been many reports about the Jenkins Home and Plantation grounds being haunted. Some reports suggest that children can be seen and heard in and around the house playing, moving shadows spotted throughout the grounds, faces appearing in the windows of the house, just to name a few.

Investigation Overview:

This Investigation took place inside the Jenkins Plantation House. The evening was mostly uneventful, but we had some reports from various odors and aromas such as pipe smoke, a popcorn scent, nuts, fresh baked bread and the scent of roses were reported in and around the house. One investigator heard what they thought sounded like a bowling ball striking a bowling pin, and this was captured on audio.

We were told by the historian that General Jenkins once had his own bowling alley in the attic of the house and would go up there and bowl quite often. Upon reviewing our evidence that was collected in the Jenkins house we stumbled upon some rather unusual audio.  

Jenkins Plantation (EVP in the Attic) 2007

Investigation - Historic Guyandotte House

Investigation Location:

Historic Guyandotte House

Cabell County, WV

September 2011 


This home has quite a long and colorful history, with many reports of paranormal activity over the years. Claims range from hearing phantom footsteps all the way up to seeing full apparitions.  

Investigation Overview:

This home is one we had planned on investigating for a while now and finally decided the time was right to look into the claims of activity. Overall the investigation was fairly calm with a few of the members reporting some odd feelings of being watched and some unusual sensations. For the first time we chose to try a new technique, after actively investigating for several hours we left the house until the following day to allow the cameras to run the rest of the night in the unoccupied home. We hoped that our presence in the home may have stirred up some activity, and after leaving we hoped that perhaps we might capture something while the house was left sitting empty.  

Investigation Results:

This is by far the longest review we have had to do. This EVP was caught while one recorder was left running in a room while the group investigated elsewhere in the house. There is what sounds like a growl which may be a very scruffy voice, or may even be something else completely. Just after this noise you will hear a voice whisper something and at the end of the audio clip it sounds like another voice making a very abrupt statement. The beeping noises are our team members setting off a motion sensor.

(clicking the link will give you more detailed information about the clip, may take a moment to load) 

Investigation - General Jenkins Plantation Grounds 2006 & 2007

Investigation Location:
General Albert G. Jenkins Plantation

September 2006 & April 2007

Currently Closed to the Public

Historic Information:
Located in Green Bottom WV, The Jenkins Plantation is a historic site; the plantation house was built in 1835 by Captain William Jenkins. The Plantation was once over 4, 000 acres and ran by up to 100 slaves. Later the plantation was owned and ran by Captain Jenkins’ son General Albert Gallatin Jenkins. There have been many reports about the Jenkins Home and Plantation grounds being haunted. Some reports suggest that children can be seen and heard in and around the house playing, moving shadows spotted throughout the grounds, faces appearing in the windows of the house, just to name a few.  

September 2006 - Several group members heard what sounded like people talking off in the distance. The voices seem to be coming from the swamp area, it was doubtful anyone was out there without a flashlight although we can not say that there maybe was someone there. Our only other explanation for hearing voices in the swamp a could have been an echo from nearby homes. During the EVP sweep at the front door, one of our investigators was looking inside through the window, and he saw what he described as a shadowy figure pass by the window blocking out the light from the other side, we collected no evidence however.

Investigation Results:

Over several investigations of the Jenkins Plantation and consistently getting EVP's from this property, we feel that something most likely is haunting the house and the surrounding property.

Investigation - Emmitt House Restuarant

Investigation Location:

Emmitt House Restaurant

Waverly Ohio

October 2007


The Emmitt House is located in Waverly, Ohio and was built in 1861 by the town's first entrepreneur, James Emmitt. Emmitt hired the illegitimate son of Thomas Jefferson to construct a hotel/restaurant along the bank of the newly built Ohio-Erie Canal.

Today the house is still a restaurant, and a number of ghosts are said to inhabit it. Employees and patrons report smelling James Emmett's cigar smoke, and even leave packages of cigars out for him.

An older lady is seen cleaning when no one should be there, and two ghostly children said to be from the Harper family are seen roaming about. Slaves from the days of the Underground Railroad are seen or heard in the basement, and different poltergeist like activity is experienced.

Investigation Overview:

The Emmitt House is a very large building consisting of 3 floors a large basement and an attic. We tried to cover as much of the building as possible and concentrated on the areas with the most reported activity. Some things that were told to us by the Emmitt House's bookkeeper were seeing the former owner Mr. Emmitt walking around the building, one lady was told to "get out" by an unseen entity in a 3rd floor room, and reports of objects in the kitchen falling off shelves. The Emmitt House is located right on Rt. 23, a very busy 4 lane highway. The building has large plate glass windows and many many reflective surfaces which may account for some odd visual occurrences that have been reported. During our investigation we had one odd occurrence happen. We were in the entry hall that leads to the dining rooms (right by the stairway) when over our talking we heard some banging sounds coming from down the hallway.

As we walked down the hall trying to following the sound and pinpoint it, it stopped. It appeared the sound came from the kitchen and sounded very much like the lid of a pot banging against the pot. We walked into the kitchen and looked around, nothing looked out of place. We started rattling and banging around the pots and pans to see if we could duplicate the sound, and we were able to. The sound we heard seemed very deliberate, it was not the sound of pots and pans shifting, tumbling or vibrating. It was a consistent banging that lasted approximately 15 seconds and was heard by at least 4 investigators. There appeared to be no evidence of mice or rats in the building, which is one theory we came up with to explain the sounds

This video clip from the Emmitt House follows Melissa (filming) and Jamie walking through the dining and kitchen areas of the Emmitt House Restaurant. During this clip an unexpected incident occurs with our walkie talkies.  

Investigation - Kentucky Firestation

Investigation Location:

Fire Station

Boyd County Kentucky

September 2006 

This building is approximately 20 years old. The Firefighters who work there have reported hearing voices in the building, hearing children’s voices and banging when no children are present in the building. Hearing footsteps and what sounds like someone scraping their boot on the drainage grate that runs the length of the bay. One of the firefighters reported being pushed by something that was not there.  


Reports from this fire station by the firefighters include hearing children playing upstairs when no children are present in the building, hearing banging noises coming from upstairs and reports of seeing the apparition of a firefighter in his blue uniform sitting inside of one of the fire trucks.

During the Investigation several investigators had personal experiences within the fire station. One investigator felt as if she had been touched on the elbow by something. Two other investigators had the sensation of something touching their face. All of these events took place in the bay, or the area in which the fire trucks are parked. Also in the bay, several investigators heard what they thought was a woman’s voice.

In the fire Chief’s office, three investigators were attempting to collect EVP's and while asking for a sign of a presence, a knocking in response to the question was heard and captured on audio. In the Chief’s office we experienced a lot of EMF fluctuations.  We also had a lot of camera batteries which were drained very quickly throughout the evening, including a digital camera and the thermal camera which drained at the same time in the Chief’s office.

After carefully going over all the audio we had collected from this investigation, we discovered that we apparently had caught several EVP's. Our EVP's seemed to have centered on Danny’s questions who also works at the fire station.

Investigation Results:

Our EVP's seem to match some of the stories from the Firefighters at the Station. 


Investigation - Colonial Lanes

Investigation Location:

Colonial Lanes

Huntington, WV

April 2011


Colonial Lanes was built in 1959 on Huntington's West Side. Shortly after it was built, ten additional lanes were constructed, along with a connected beer tavern known as the Taproom.

In 1967, the Taproom received its liquor license and was officially renamed Rebels and Redcoats Tavern. It became a 4-star restaurant in 1969 and served food up until 2004, when it reverted back to a tavern.

The hauntings at Colonial Lanes seem concentrated on only the tavern area of the complex, with the upstairs stockroom, kitchen, and wine room being the most paranormally active.  According to several seasoned employees interviewed for a Marshall University Parthenon article, the activity began shortly after the death of Mr. Frankel, one of the former owners.  Mr. Frankel is said to have been a friendly and compassionate man who always went out of his way for his staff and patrons.  Incidentally, employees say activity has decreased significantly over the past 15-20 years. HPIR has received an update from the Frankel family stating that the activity did not, nor ever concentrate on Frankel's presence, or lack thereof.

Nevertheless, the tavern is still believed by many to be one of the most haunted locations in the tri-state area.  

Here's a sampling of activity reported over the years:

-The smell of cherry pipe tobacco and the sound of heavy footsteps coming from the stockroom. 
-People hearing their name being whispered or called out. 
The door to the kitchen opening, then slamming shut.  
-A swinging door near the bar swings open wide as if someone is going through. 
-Employees leave the room, only to return to the chairs stacked on top of the tables, and other things moved or out of place. 
-Opening employees find things like the radio turned on, even though they know it was turned off the night before at  closing. 
-One man heard a knock at the bathroom door when no one was around except for one other person who was no where near the bathroom at the time.


During the investigation several investigators reported seeing various shadows and shadowy figures throughout the bowling alley. Several investigators reported seeing the same shadow figure on the far end of the bowling alley. One investigator had a new piece of equipment during this investigation, the ovilus. The investigators using the ovilus seemed to get some very relevant responses to questions, one response in particular was "bowl", being in a bowling alley this was quite interesting.

Further updates will following when all evidence has been reviewed and analyzed.
Investigation Results: 
No evidence of paranormal activity was found during this investigation. 

Investigation - Private Residence #14

Investigation Location:

Private Home


March 2010


This creepy looking old home sits on top of a hill in Kentucky and it said to have been built in the mid 1800's. The home was being renovated during the time of our investigation with a number of unusual occurrences being reported by the homeowners.

Investigation Results:

Although No paranormal evidence was collected during this investigation by our team, we had a great investigation.

Investigation - Buffington House 2

Investigation Location:

Historic Buffington House

Huntington West Virginia.

October 2011 


This was our second investigation of the historic Buffington House. We setup audio and video recordings the night our group was giving ghost tours of the area. We had the equipment going before and after the tours, and we stayed a few hours after the tours were over to investigate.

Before tours began two EVP's were captured in the house. At the time, two female investigators were inside getting ready for the coming tour groups. Later during the tours, a number of tour patrons and even one of our team members who was working that night as a tour guide, heard a number of unusual things. Several tour patrons claimed to hear something like furniture being moved across the floor above them as well as heavy footsteps in the upper level of the house. That night, there was absolutely nobody in the upstairs portion of the home while tours were going on. To make things a little more unusual, the room which was pointed out to us, is the only room in the home that has a fully carpeted floor.

Investigation Results:

Two EVP's caught when no males were present in the home. 





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Investigation - Buffington House 1

Investigation Location:

Historic Buffington House built 1816

Huntington, WV

June 2010 

This home is one of the oldest in the county, it was built in 1816. Prominent owners included Dr. Thomas Buffington and Dr. McGinnis and his family, Dr. McGinnis' son died at the age of four years old while living in the home.

Activity reported in the home included the sounds of children playing and unusual temperature fluctuations.

The night of our investigation was mostly quiet and uneventful, however after reviewing our recordings we found we had caught several EVP's.

The following week after our investigation was the weekend of our first ghost tours of the season. During the tour we had a member of our team inside the home portraying a historic figure from the home's past. The home's owners graciously allowed us to bring our tour groups inside for a small presentation by our group member.

During the hours our member was there, he and a friend who came along, had a not so quiet night as they were waiting in between tour groups. They reported the sounds of bells that were on the door, jingling on their own. As one group was inside a tour guide and group member both heard someone walking on the stairs behind them. The stairs had been blocked off by a large table to keep guests from wandering up them. Late in the evening as the home's owner and our team members were finishing up getting ready to leave, a piece of peppermint candy (from a bowl on the table blocking the stairs) was thrown across the room and hit our guy.  

Investigation Results:
We obtained an audio clip that came from a bedroom in the home, and is the voice of what we believe is a child.  

(clicking the link will give you more detailed information about the EVP, may take a moment to load)

Buffington House (EVP Child) 2010


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Investigation - Bobby Mackey's Music World

Investigation Location:

Bobby Mackey's Music World

Wilder, Kentucky

May 2007

Historic Information:

Bobby Mackey's Music World located in Wilder Kentucky was originally built in the 1850's. This building has been everything from a Slaughterhouse, to a Casino to the present day country music night club. Many deaths have been documented that occurred within the walls of now Bobby Mackey's Music World over the years. Several ghosts are rumored to haunt this night club including a lady named Pearl who was said to have been decapitated as a sacrifice for a group of Satanists.

One of the original features of this building is still intact, a well that resides in the basement of the building still remains. During the time that this building was used as a Slaughterhouse the well was used to drain the blood of the animals into the nearby river. This building has been nicknamed "Hell's Gate" and has even had a book written about it's ghosts and it's story has been featured on the Discovery & Travel channels.

Investigation Overview:

This building did not live up to our expectations. We expected more than a quiet night after reading all the stories of "Hell's Gate". We were let down by the lack of activity that occurred that night. We had no personal experiences to report during our investigation of Bobby Mackey's Music World. However the group did enjoy exploring the basement of the building, with many hidden rooms the infamous "well" and even a jail cell.  

We believe that some of the stories from Bobby Mackey's could possibly be alcohol induced being that it is a bar. The higher than normal EMF readings throughout the entire building of course can cause hallucinations among other things. In all we feel that  the haunting allegations of Bobby Mackey's quite possibly could be an exaggeration. There are several confirmed deaths that have taken place during this buildings lifetime, not to mention it was once used as a slaughterhouse but we do not feel these stories are enough to prove it's title of "Hell's Gate". 

Investigation Results:

No evidence of paranormal activity was found during this investigation. 


Investigation - Bruce Chapel Church

Investigation Location:
Bruce Chapel

Mason County, WV

February 2012

Historic Information:
Bruce Chapel is a small, historic church located near the Apple Grove/Gallipolis Ferry area, in rural Mason County. The church was built around 1842, and the small adjoining cemetery contains graves dating back to the early 1800s. The Moore Family of the Mai Moore Mansion fame are buried in the cemetery, which is now located on private property.

The chapel itself was the first Episcopalian Church in the area, and was built on land donated by Mr. and Mrs. George Moore. Funding came from a variety of sources, including the Diocese of Virginia, but more importantly, from the Bruce Fund, a fund set up by a Miss Bruce from Halifax, VA. Miss Bruce had family in the area, and was instrumental in the church's completion, thus, it was named Bruce Chapel in her honor.

The chapel was consecrated in 1843 by Bishop Johns, and was used by other area faiths until they could build their own places of worship. By 1879, Bruce Chapel boasted the area's first Sunday School, and by 1938, the back addition was added for use by church and community alike.

This site has been featured on many haunted places listings due to the reports of light anomalies, strange noises, and other paranormal occurrences. 

In tri-state ghost-lore, Bruce Chapel’s haunted history is often tied in directly with the haunted history of the Mai Moore Mansion. The Mai Moore mansion was once the home to Charles Page Thomas Moore, his wife Urilla Kline, and four daughters, Ida, Rebecca, Lauretta Mai (often referred to as May, Mae or Mai), and Elizabeth V. It was located in the Mercer’s Bottom/Apple Grove area of Mason County.

The Mai Moore Mansion was built around the time of, or shortly after the Civil War. It was originally believed to have been a later residence of George Moore who died in 1880 while in residence. George Moore was the uncle and adoptive father of Charles Page Thomas Moore.

Charles, who was born in February of 1831 in Greenbrier County, came to live with his uncle shortly after the death of his mother when he was 14 years of age. His father, Thomas, died when Charles was just an infant. Charles would go on to attend Marshall Academy, and several other institutions of higher learning in his quest at obtaining his law degree. While at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, PA, Charles co-founded the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity in 1852. He was admitted to the bar in 1856, and served with Union forces during the Civil War. After serving in the war, he returned home to practice law. He went on to become a justice of the WV Supreme Court of Appeals, retiring in 1881 to live in Mason County in the Mai Moore Mansion. Charles Page Thomas Moore died on July 7, 1904. He is buried in Bruce Chapel Cemetery.

After the death of Charles P.T. Moore, the mansion remained in possession of the Moore family.  It was located near a small Adena Indian mound, named the Mai Moore Mound after Charles' daughter, Lauretta Mai. Mai, as she preferred to be called, remained in the home after his death, and the mansion thus became known as the Mai Moore Mansion. It was consumed by fire in 1959. Vandals soon stole or damaged what was left, and by 1968 another fire had completely gutted the structure, leaving nothing but ruins. Lauretta Mai, born on January 19, 1873, never married. She passed away on March 12, 1965 and is also buried in Bruce Chapel Cemetery, along with her mother, and two sisters who also never married. 

In August of 2006, Bruce Chapel was the site of one HPIR's earliest investigations. At that time, we were a brand new group and we were looking for some local reported haunted sites to investigate. Almost hidden away and nestled upon a hillside overlooking beautiful farmland, we found Bruce Chapel and Cemetery based on Internet searches for haunted locations in our region. During an investigation on the grounds surrounding the Chapel, HPIR obtained one of it's first and finest EVP's. Our group has not returned to this site since the late fall of 2006. Last fall we were contacted by the new owner, who also happens to be a descendant of some of the Church founders, invited us to return to investigate the chapel.

The entire group was thrilled for this investigation opportunity despite the fact that we knew the weather was going to be snowy and very cold, as the Chapel has no heat. We all bundled up and prepared ourselves for a frigid night of spirit seeking. We found out early on that there were a few little critters running around in the Chapel, the Chapel has sat empty for several years so this was no surprise. Throughout the night we heard a number of noises, most of which was contributed to the mice however a few unexplained thumps were heard. At one point, we heard what we believed was a few footsteps followed by a crackling pew, as if someone was sitting down to join us. Some of the team members sang hymns and other songs that would have been sang in Church in the 1800's. We were given a tip by the Mason County Paranormal group that was based on a sensitive's impressions (who investigated the Chapel with them), that the spirit of a young slave woman would stand outside the church window to listen to the singing and music. We enjoyed our time spend inside this beautiful old Chapel, although we didn't have many personal experiences to report, the cold night we endured to take on this investigation was totally worth it.

We have an unusual photo (posted below) from our investigation at Bruce Chapel. This was taken as we were breaking down our equipment. Notice the investigator to the left, there is an oddity in the photograph just below her head. Three of our best de-bunkers have analyzed the photo, and we can’t determine what it is exactly. There was nobody standing next to her, we can tell that it is not her shadow, and it is not quite consistent with motion blur (which can be seen with the cord). So at this point we can’t say this for certain is something paranormal, however we are not positive what exactly it is. If we return to Bruce Chapel in the future we will attempt to re-create it.

We have also posted this photo on our Facebook page for public input, you will find many comments on the photo and many opinions of what people believe they see in this photograph. There is also additional de-bunking info and efforts in those comments. As of present time, this photographic anomaly has yet to be verified one way or the other.  





Investigation - Guyandotte 1880's House

Investigation Location:

1880’s Home

Huntington, WV

May 2012


This home was built in the 1880's and has been subject of some pretty serious haunting allegations. The home has seen a number of tragic events over the years and we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to investigate the claims.  


Our investigation of this home remained mostly quite throughout the night. We did not experience any of the claims from the home which over the years have involved physical contact and harm to residents living there. We did however have a rather unusual experience with some dowsing rods. We do not normally use dowsing rods as a tool for investigations, however one investigator brought a set to try out that night. As she was using the rods, we were asking questions and the rods were crossing seemingly to answer the questions we were asking. Of course we can not base any findings on our experience with the rods, but it was something different than our usual experiments.

Investigation Results:
After a review of audio, one of our investigators had a number of voices on her recorder. As she listened, she began to believe that the voice she was hearing on the recorder was not of one of the house spirits, but one that may have followed her there.

Listen to the audio files from the 1880's House below: 
(clicking the links will give you more detailed information about each EVP, may take a moment to load) 

Investigation - Harveytown Elementary/ Huntington Radio Museum

Investigation Location:

Harveytown Elementary/ Huntington Radio Museum

Huntington WV

July 2013


From Theresa’s Haunted History of the Tri-State (article from 2011)

This past February, I had the chance to represent HPIR's Haunted and Historical Guyandotte Tours at the annual History Day at the Legislature. In this yearly event, historical societies and organizations from all over the state meet in the capitol rotunda to share information and present displays of historical significance to the state.

Among many of the wonderful people I met and chatted with were several members of the Museum of Radio and Technology, located in Huntington, WV. Seeing that I was representing a tour business offering ghost tours and ran by a paranormal investigation group, the wife of the former president shared with me some interesting information about the museum.....It seems that the museum may house not only decades worth of radio and technology history, but also a ghostly imprint or two!

The museum is housed in what was once the old Harveytown Elementary school, located on Florence Avenue in Huntington, and butted right up against the Harvey Cemetery. Although I haven't verified it, I believe the school was built either in the late 1920s or early 1930s, and was still operating as a school at least into the early 1980s (based on yearbook photos I found online!).

The many years of children passing through these halls has possibly led to a psychic imprint, sometimes picked up on by more intuitive guests. The main "hauntings" of this building are auditory, and consist largely of an incident where several people at one time witnessed what sounded like the voices of children singing together. This sound was coming from the auditorium, possibly from the loudspeaker. However, there was no one present in the building, and no electronics turned on that could account for the sounds heard.

Another incident may have been slightly more intelligent in nature. Witnesses felt a cold breeze blow past them, among various other bits of oddness. Nothing has ever felt scary or malevolent, and years ago an investigation of the property yielded the conclusion that nothing there was out to harm anyone. Are these the voices from a period long ago bleeding through into our realm? Does the collection of antique radios and equipment attract those from another time? Visit the museum some weekend, and find out!


Reports of activity from our investigation consist of hearing children in the gymnasium, and seeing a figure in the kitchen area.

Investigation Results:

Our investigation did not yield any conclusive evidence to support the reports of haunting's in the building. It seems that largely any activity that may be present could be the residual energy from the days this museum was once a busy and active school.  








Investigation - Campbell-Flannagan-Murrell House Museum

Investigation Location:

Campbell Flannagan Murrell House Museum

Hinton, WV

July 2013

This home, which today serves as a local museum was built in 1875 by Edgar Campbell and his wife Elizabeth.

Reports from this old house include full body apparitions and unexplained noises. This house has also inexplicably been saved from being burned down several times.

Investigation Results:

Our investigation was rather quite until two of our investigators walked into an upstairs bedroom, one of the investigators was quite started when she heard a strong male voice speak right behind her. We caught this incident on camera and audio, the video is below and shows the investigators reaction to the voice and a split second before her reaction you can hear a male voice come across the audio. The remainder of the evening was quiet minus this one audible EVP.   



Investigation - Bruce Chapel

Investigation Location:

Bruce Chapel

Mason County, WV

August 2006

Historic Information:
Bruce Chapel sits on a hillside in rural in Mason County. The Chapel was built in 1842, and there is a cemetery surrounding the chapel with graves dating back to the 1800's. We have not gathered much history about Bruce Chapel, although in the cemetery surrounding the chapel lie the graves of Mai Moore and family.

Information on the Mai Moore Mansion:
The Mai Moore mansion was once the home to Charles Page Thomas Moore, his wife Urilla Kline, and four daughters, Ida, Rebecca, Lauretta Mai, and Elizabeth. Charles was born in February of 1831 in Greenbrier County.

After his parents died when he was 14, he was adopted by his uncle George Moore and moved to Mason county. While at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, PA, Charles co-founded the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity in 1852. He went on to become a justice of the WV Supreme Court of Appeals and died on July 7, 1904.

He is buried in nearby Bruce Chapel Cemetery. The mansion is located near the Adena Indian mound, named the Mai Moore Mound after Charles' daughter, Lauretta Mai, and thus the mansion became known as the Mai Moore Mansion. It was gutted by fire in 1968 and not much remains as of today.  

We explored the grounds of Bruce Chapel and cemetery, letting our voice recorders run while we were looking around the area. We did an EVP session on the front steps of the chapel in hopes of capturing something. Vandals had recently broken a portion of the door down, so we were trying to snap a few pictures through the broken door of the inside of the chapel. As we were trying to take photos inside the chapel we captured an EVP. Below is the EVP we captured on the steps of Bruce chapel. 

Investigation Results:
We obtained an EVP while standing on the front steps of the building.