Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Huntington Paranormal Websites

Hey guys! I know it has been too long since we last posted anything. Our group is still around in case you were wondering, because we have not been very active. If you are wondering why, basically our members have all been very busy with their daily lives over the past few years and group activities have really taken a back seat to life.

Also it seems for us at least, that the paranormal craze of a few years back has really died down. The hardcore believers and those who have a passion for the field still remain, but the amount of interest and requests we are receiving have dropped off significantly.

The above reasons have impacted my decision to close our HuntingtonParanormal.com website. So if you are looking for that old link, we are no longer there. From now on we will be posting all of our information between our blog here and our Facebook page:


I will be integrating sections of the old website into this blog page over the course of the next several months. So be sure to check us out from time to time, also follow us on Facebook for updates. Hopefully in 2017 you will see a more active page from us.

The same also goes for our ghost tour website, although I closed that site down for similar but different reasons. I think we are getting more reach on Facebook with our ghost tour following, so it just makes sense to use Facebook more than our website. I can post the same information there and it will likely be seen more by more people. So for future tour information, we will continue to post that on the blog here and our Facebook page as well (https://www.facebook.com/GuyandotteGhosts/)

So we hope to be a little more active in the new year with some changes. As the years go on, the group changes and evolves and I think this is just another one of those times for us. This past summer marked our 10th anniversary! While it passed by fairly quiet for us this year, that still a pretty big deal that after 10 years our group is still here and doing what we love...although not nearly as often as we would like at the moment.

We hope you guys have a wonderful Holiday Season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! Here are a few photos from HPIR 2016 -

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