Monday, June 23, 2014

Group Updates - June 2014

Hey all, just checking in with all of our readers for our bi-monthly update for June 2014!

Anniversary – HPIR will be celebrating our 8th year at the end of July, wow! It is hard to believe that it has been 8 years since we started our group. Although this has probably been our slowest year on record, I think we all need a little down time. By no means are we “taking a break”, it’s just going to be a much slower paced year than the past seven for us. I’ve said it in previous blogs, I am so thankful to have the wonderful people who make up HPIR; they are like an extended family. Here is to a great, yet slower 8th year!

New Members – It has been three years since we have introduced any new members to our team, but this month our team made a great decision to add two new wonderful people to join HPIR. We met Mike & Tracie back in the fall during tour season. They offered to help us by volunteering with our ghost tours. Through their volunteering, we saw their dedication to us and their desire to not only help with tours but to investigate with us also. During a meeting earlier this month, the team voted to invite them to become full members of our group, and they happily accepted our offer! We welcome to the HPIR family, Tracie & Mike – we look forward to years of investigating with you!

Joining HPIR – I regularly get e-mails from people looking to join our group, and I wanted to address this inquiry for those who have come to us looking to become a part of our team, however I am going to be addressing this in a separate blog post which you can read here: Answering Your Questions About HPIR Membership

Team Toni 5K – Once again this year we volunteered for the Team Toni 5K walk/run. We did not have any participants in the race this year, but we did setup a water station for the other 5K participants.

Tour Season – It is hard to believe that tour season is about four months away! We are looking forward to yet another busy tour season coming up. I also have another blog post up that will be addressing some of the issues we encountered last season because I feel we should stand up for ourselves against those who have went out of their way to try to perhaps, shut us down or at least have been spiteful toward us. I blogged about some issues last year, you can read that post here. And my new blog post for 2014: Guyandotte Ghost Tours 2014

We hope you guys have a great summer, we will update again in a few months!

Photos: top, post meeting bonfire, bottom, Team Toni 5K

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