Monday, June 23, 2014

Ghost Tours 2014 - Disclaimer

The 2014 Tour Season is rapidly approaching and I am taking a proactive approach to addressing any potential issues that might arise over the next several months as have in the past few years with other organizations in Guyandotte that may decide to offer their own ghost tours this year.
This information is being offered to our loyal tour guests who deserve to have the best tour experience we can provide to them.

Please see: Haunted & Historic Guyandotte Tours - Spooky Fun Awaits for some of the backstory on why I am posting this information for our 2014 tour season. There will be a link back to this page so that you may continue reading here.

It is June 23, 2014 and while I have no known information about what other organizations in the Guyandotte area are planning as of today but based off of the issues we have encountered the past two years, I am posting this as a disclaimer of sorts. Huntington Paranormal Investigations & Research which operates the Haunted & Historic Guyandotte Tours is in no way affiliated with any pay to participate tour that may be offered in the Guyandotte area this year. Huntington Paranormal Investigations & Research as Haunted & Historic Guyandotte Tours maintains our tours as free of monetary charge or donation requirement to the general public, furthermore we are not planning any tours to act as a fundraiser for any entity in the 2014 season.

I don't like to air our grievances so publically, but this has been so ongoing that I feel the need to stand up and say something. So to expand on what happened specifically last year: I realize there are two sides to every story and I can't say I know their side but will share the facts I do know.

Last year Swinefest teamed up with the Madie Carroll House to plan some events. In previous years we have worked with the MCH during tour season and they were wonderful in allowing us to bring in tour guests, use their property for some tour setups and even provided us with some “ghosts” inside the house during the tours. We have offered a Guyandotte Cemetery Tour for Swinefest since 2009.

What happened last year was not what we expected. The short story is that before Swinefest announced the dates of their event publically, they along with the MCH quietly reserved use of the cemetery for that weekend to do their own ghost tour for a fee. Once Swinefest announces their event dates, we have always planned our Guyandotte Cemetery Ghost Tour to go on simultaneously that weekend. What we found was that when we went to make our reservation for the cemetery space, they had already made the reservation in another person’s name. However, the person who made the reservation put it in our organization’s name, phone number and home address. So essentially they fraudulently used our organization and info to reserve the area for themselves knowing we use that area yearly for tours. It ended up backfiring on them and ultimately we got to use the space for our event.

Some of the members of those two organizations exploded on us verbally, they were extremely upset. They wanted to do their own tour without us, they wanted to draw in the crowds we do and charge them to take a tour we have offered for years for no charge. They wanted to use the tour as a fundraiser for their organization. They even asked us to remove some properties from our tour out of spite after this.
The thing is both Swinefest and the Madie Carroll House receive thousands of dollars in grant money and funding yearly for their events and property needs. Haunted & Historic Guyandotte Tours receives no type of funding, we do this on our own time, out of our own pocket and because we love to do it, nothing more. We have no required donations, although we do get small donations from tour guests, those small donations go back into our tours and even to other local organizations.

We will not be associated with the kind of people who act in this manner. We have only tried to provide something nice for the members of our community to do for free, but year after year we run into people who see the crowd we bring in and want to profit from it. This has been an ongoing thing for years now. Again, we don’t know what events other organizations are planning this year, but we just want to make our guests aware that if there are other ghost tour type events going on in Guyandotte this year for a fee, we are not involved.

All of our tours will be posted on our website and Facebook page, so please visit those pages for all the dates and information!

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