Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 2014 Updates

April Updates:

So I have been a total slacker over the past few months with updating the blog, website and even keeping up with our Facebook page, but I have a good excuse! I had a baby boy at the end of March! So I have been obviously pre-occupied a bit and pretty tired having been pregnant and now keeping up with a newborn.

After being so busy these last few years, I think the whole HPIR team has needed a bit of a break. But, just because we have been quiet online does not mean we have not been active. Here is what we have been up to and what we have planned for later this year:

Investigation: Back in February we had our first investigation of the New Year, it was a private residential house with an awesome history, which has some direct connections to another investigation we have done. The house was amazing and just beautiful, but unfortunately we did not get any conclusive evidence of a haunting the night we were there. We are planning to visit the house again in the future to get a good look in the daylight, and hopefully dig a little deeper into the homes history.

Ghost Tour: We had a small private tour that was given at the beginning of April for some boy scouts and their parents. The boys needed to take a local guided tour in order to earn a new badge. We were happy to lead the boys around Guyandotte and teach them some history and tell them about local hauntings in order for them to earn their badge. The boys and their parents enjoyed themselves and we always love giving tours like this!

Team Toni 5K: For the third year we are planning to have some involvement in the Team Toni 5K coming up in June. Once again we will be setting up a water table for the runners/walkers and may even have a few members participate in the 5k again too.

Buffington House Investigations: I have been getting several inquiries from groups about investigating the Buffington House. We hosted a number of teams last summer, and at the start of our tour season we stopped the investigations for the season. We will plan to host more groups later this year, so if your team is interested, just keep an eye out on our Facebook page and website for an announcement.

Ghost Hunting & Pregnancy: A number of our female investigators have been pregnant over the years, and none of us have stopped investigating during that time. Some people may feel pregnant women should not investigate, but I think as long as you are comfortable to do so, go for it. Theresa wrote a blog a while back about her personal experiences and the general idea of investigating while pregnant. I wanted to share her blog for all of the mommy-to-be investigators out there: Theresa’s Haunted History of the Tri-State, The Pregnant Investigator.

That is all I have for now, but be sure to check back soon to see what we are up to over the summer!
The above photo is a little late, but this is part of the team during our Christmas party.
Melissa - HPIR Founder 

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