Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year - January 2014 Updates!

Happy New Year! I have been neglecting the blog a bit in the past few months, but since it is a brand new year I thought I’d wait and just start the year off right and let everyone out there know what we have been up to and what 2014 has in store for HPIR.

So I left off back in September with our last update blog telling you all about our summer investigations and our upcoming ghost tours and ghost hunts. Well now that all of that is over with for the year, let’s take a look back at HPIR’s fall season and look ahead into the new year:

Ghost Hunts 2013– This spring and summer we held ghost hunts at the Buffington House for private paranormal groups,  we hosted a number of teams during that time and it was great for us to give the opportunity to ghost hunt this location to other teams. As summer grew to a close, so did the private hunts and over the fall we decided to give the general public their chance to hunt there too. Through the month of October we hosted several public guided ghost hunts. Our ghost hunts were extremely successful, in fact one night we filled up all open spaces for the night in just a matter of 20 minutes! Unfortunately due to the large turnout of people we could only spend a short time at each location ghost hunting, but luckily some of our guests were able to capture some rather spooky evidence while on the hunt.

Ghost Tours 2013 – For our 5th year we brought back our Haunted & Historic Guyandotte Tours. This year we had a great tour season, the weather with very cooperative unlike last season. We had a large turnout of tour guests once again and this year we saw many new faces in addition to our tour regulars. October was a super busy month with both Ghost Hunts and Ghost Tours, and we finished up our last round of tours for the season the first weekend of November. Overall the tour season went fairly smooth with the exception of some issues with had with another local organization over tours (see our August blog for details). Unfortunately things ended on a very sour note with them, but in the end we stood up to the people who were trying to do us wrong. But to that I say one of my favorite new quotes: May the bridges we burn light the way!

Holiday Season 2013 – We decided to lay low for the months of November and December after tour season this year. I think a break was much needed by all, and besides with all the holiday activities going on among our members it was difficult to get together all at once. We did have our annual holiday party after Christmas, hosted at our favorite haunted hot spot – The Buffington House. We had some good food and great company, and our sweet member Lynne got us all some really awesome HPIR logo sweatshirts. We just can’t thank her enough for our gifts, we love, love, love them so much!

Upcoming Investigations 2014 – While we have been on a break, we still have been planning a few upcoming investigations for 2014. We will be scheduling these investigations probably in the months of January and February. One investigation is a historic private home that we are thrilled to have the opportunity to investigate, and the other is an antique store in another local city. We of course will post updates on the website as those investigations have been completed.

Another Year in 2014- This coming summer, HPIR will be celebrating our 8th year as a group! We hope to spend our 8th year much like our previous ones, staying active in the community and giving others an opportunity to explore our areas haunted history in one form or the other whether it be through our ghost hunts, ghost tours, website information or other events we may do throughout the year. We hope our 7th year into our 8th will be our best one yet!

Ghost Hunts 2014 – We hope to start up the ghost hunts again this year for private groups to have the opportunity to investigate the Buffington House, however right now I don’t anticipate this to start until maybe May or June. Be sure to check our website for updates as to when we will begin the private hunts again.

Ghost Tours & Hunts 2014 – We are always planning in advance for the next season of ghost tours. We have already established a few dates already for next October including one date that falls on an anniversary of the death of one of the ghosts that haunt one property and the other falls on Halloween (also another tour stop ghost’s birthday). However, if for some reason trick or treat night falls on Halloween this year, we will end up rescheduling that tour. We will also plan out a few public ghost hunts too since last season we had such a good turnout for those hunts.

Group Member Birthdays – I also want to shout out to our team members HAPPY BIRTHDAY, because it seems the majority of our members (minus 2) celebrate another year of life from October to January.

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