Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 2013 Updates

It’s creeping closer! We here at HPIR are so excited that the Fall/Halloween season is almost upon us because we love this time of year. Things are about to get hectic within HPIR, because it’s the busiest time of year for us. We are fast approaching tour season and with summer mostly behind us, I will get you caught up to speed with what we have been up to and what to expect in the coming weeks.

Investigations – Our last investigation was at the old Harverytown Elementary School, but today it’s better known as Huntington’s Museum of Radio and Technology. We investigated this really neat museum back at the end of July. While we didn’t walk away with much in the line of evidence of hauntings in this building, the stories we were told about the activity really led us to believe that much of what happens there is residual in nature. Either way, we had an enjoyable evening there.

Anniversary – In August we had our 7 year anniversary as a team! We held off for the celebration a little longer than usual and just recently held our annual picnic to celebrate in September. This year we hosted the picnic at our favorite haunted house, the Buffington House. We had some fine ghostly decorations, some delicious food and plenty of friends and family of HPIR to celebrate the occasion with. We even did a little ghost hunting after everyone filled their tummies, and were surprised when we all heard a pitter patter of what sounded like little feet that quickly moved across the floor in the adjacent room from where we were sitting. We had an enjoyable night with a neat, possibly ghostly experience to end our evening.

Buffington House Ghost Hunts – We ended out the summer with one last ghost hunt at the Buffington House for the season. WTHWT Paranormal spent an evening investigating the house. They told our group they had some really great experiences while they were investigating. We have one last team who had to reschedule, we are closing out the Buffington House ghost hunts until sometime in 2014. We of course will post updates and information as to when the hunts will resume at a later date.

Team Toni – We continue to work with and support the efforts of Team Toni! Once again, we will be giving our time to this worthy cause and helping sponsor their upcoming event, the Team Toni 2nd Annual Poker Run coming up on Sept. 14, 2013. This will be the second year that HPIR has volunteered our time for this wonderful fundraiser.

Ghost Tours – I posted a blog about our upcoming ghost tours last month, but to refresh your memory we are planning our annual tours this October and November. The tour dates for this year are 10/18, 10/19, 11/1 and 11/2. We have made some changes in our schedule this year as we do our Halloween tour a week earlier than normal. Also due to some previous issues we chose to cut our Guyandotte Cemetery Tour this year but instead will be offering something completely different! And as a reminder, our group will not be offering any ghost tours during Swinefest this year and are replacing that weekend event with a new event.
Public Ghost Hunts – I mentioned above about adding something completely different to our schedule and we have decided to offer ghost hunts to the public this October. These hunts will be organized much like our tours, however instead of visiting a dozen or so locations and learning about the history and hauntings, we are going to take you into a haunted house to spend some time and learn about ghost hunting. This will be a more hands on approach for those who are really interested in learning more about ghost hunting. We hope this event will become just as popular as our ghost tours!

That about wraps up the September updates! We hope we will get the chance to meet many of you this fall if you come out to take a tour or experience a first hand ghost hunt!

NOTE - We no longer have the GuyandotteGhosts website, you can now find all that info on our Facebook page here -

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