Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lucky Number Seven!

So here we are, we have made it to lucky number seven! The beginning of August 2013 marks HPIR’s 7th year as an organized team of paranormal investigators. I like to take this time when we celebrate our anniversary to reflect back on our past years and to look into our future as a team.

I recall this time last year the tone of this blog was much different than today, we had a member who was ill and facing a serious surgery and at the same time were had been dealing with some resistance from those who had hoped to see us fall down. Thankfully though today our team is still standing solid and strong and the health of our team member has greatly improved. We are truly blessed to have such strong members who all have stood together for the team and for each other to be there when we needed each other the most.

I feel our team is so much more than just the group of ghost hunters we had back in 2006. As we have changed over the years our mission has grown into something so much more. We all still love hunting ghosts and we still do that as much as possible, but we have really turned what we do into something more meaningful to us. I think our enthusiasm for the paranormal field, our close bond as friends and our goals to keep moving onward and upward have kept us in this field for this long. We love what we do and that love has kept us alive in a field where so many others have stopped short. We plan to move forward into year eight with the same integrity and mindset we have kept throughout the previous seven. We know there are many more great things in store for us and we can not wait to see what the future holds.

As traditional for us goes, we will be celebrating our anniversary with an annual picnic and ghost hunt following our feast. We invite not only our team, but our close friends and family also to come celebrate with us. Later this fall, we have some new things coming for the other paranormal enthusiasts in our area. Those announcements will be coming in a few weeks. Our tours will return this fall as well as we hope to continue the ghost hunts at the Buffington House in 2014. Thank you to all who support us and follow our adventures in the paranormal world, we appreciate you! Here is to 7 lucky years, and many more to come!

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