Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Haunted & Historic Guyandotte Tours - Spooky Fun Awaits!

The Halloween season is quickly approaching and the cooler weather is really making fall seem so much closer. When fall arrives, we will be in our busiest season of the year trying to keep up with investigation requests, tours and Halloween events going on around us. Of course our biggest event of the year is our ever popular ghost tours we host in Guyandotte each fall. Our schedule is not quite complete for the year, but our two main tours are set as always. In order to keep our tour guests from getting burnt out on the same stuff each year we always make some changes, switch up a few things and of course add new scary ghost stories to our tours. This year there will be some changes with the tours, and unfortunately we decided to eliminate on of our most popular tours we do each year (I’ll explain shortly). But with those changes, we want to keep people interested and coming back for more so we are coming up with a whole new exciting event this fall to give our paranormal enthusiast friends something a little different and exciting to do this year. See the update below for information about the new event!

So back to the event we have decided to eliminate from our schedule this season. While I don’t like to air our group’s grievances publically, I feel in this case it is fully justified. Over the past four years we have offered the Guyandotte Cemetery Ghost Tour during the weekend that Swinefest takes place in Guyandotte. We have made a difficult decision to pull this tour off of our schedule despite its extreme popularity due to the attitude of some Swinefest organizers toward us last year. Instead of working with us to ensure we had a successful tour last year, they chose to cause conflict. While most of the problems were resolved for us, it was not until we made complaints to them and by that time the damage had already been done.

 This year it is my understanding that the Swinefest organizers are planning to do what sounds like a very similar tour to what we have been doing in the Cemetery the past four years. They most likely feel that they will take over and do the tours in our place and perhaps have people believe that our group is giving these tours. If you attend Swinefest this year, please know that Haunted & Historic Guyandotte Tours and Huntington Paranormal Investigations & Research will not be conducting any type of ghost tour during this event. (but please see our latest update below!)

We spend many hours fact checking for accurate historical information with the tours we give and while the legends and ghost stories we tell have been handed down to us, we do not embellish any of the stories we have been told. The quality of the tours we give is extremely important to us and since we have been doing the tours for the past 5 years we have really learned so much. I think our tours reflect our desire to deliver educational historic info but sort of in a sneaky way as we tell you stories that send chills down your spine.

We may resume our Guyandotte Cemetery Tour in the future, but it will not be conducted on the same weekend that Swinefest takes place. And of course we will continue our regular schedule around Halloween and Guyandotte Civil War Days, just check our website for some date changes from previous years. In all, we hope to bring you a fun filled Halloween season with some exciting events to keep you shaking in your boots! It’s unfortunate that we have had to deal with some of the nonsense out there while just trying to provide exciting events to our community, but our struggles only make us work harder. Our tours may be imitated, but they will never be duplicated. Join us for an ORIGINAL Haunted & Historic Guyandotte Tour this fall!

UPDATE* - We have decided to replace our Cemetery Tour this season with an exciting new event! On the evenings of October 4, 5, and 26, join us to experience a guided ghost hunt of the Haunted & Historic Buffington House! Our new guided ghost hunts will be organized similar to our ghost tours; however instead of visiting a wide variety of locations you will actually get to spend up to 1 hour and 30 minutes with your guide, exploring real haunted locations. You will be with a small group of people and will be taught basic beginner ghost hunting skills all while participating in an active ghost hunt. (ages 12 and over, children must be accompanied by an adult).

Just like our tours, we are offering this event for free. We do however appreciate your donations which help us continue keeping our tours and events running, but we also donate a portion of what you donate to us to other worthy causes as well.

SEPT. 28 UPDATE* - As previously mentioned, we decided a while back that it was best to no longer be associated with the Swinefest event in Guyandotte after last year. The Herald-Dispatch printed a front page piece in their paper yesterday that reinforces our reasons we are no longer associated with the festival. But as it goes, when you treat others poorly and make selfish decisions, those things can come back to haunt you. Here is the article from yesterday's paper: http://www.herald-dispatch.com/news/x1945021250/Commission-denies-funding-for-festival

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Our ghost tour site is no longer available - visit our Facebook page for more ghost tour information - https://www.facebook.com/GuyandotteGhosts/

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lucky Number Seven!

So here we are, we have made it to lucky number seven! The beginning of August 2013 marks HPIR’s 7th year as an organized team of paranormal investigators. I like to take this time when we celebrate our anniversary to reflect back on our past years and to look into our future as a team.

I recall this time last year the tone of this blog was much different than today, we had a member who was ill and facing a serious surgery and at the same time were had been dealing with some resistance from those who had hoped to see us fall down. Thankfully though today our team is still standing solid and strong and the health of our team member has greatly improved. We are truly blessed to have such strong members who all have stood together for the team and for each other to be there when we needed each other the most.

I feel our team is so much more than just the group of ghost hunters we had back in 2006. As we have changed over the years our mission has grown into something so much more. We all still love hunting ghosts and we still do that as much as possible, but we have really turned what we do into something more meaningful to us. I think our enthusiasm for the paranormal field, our close bond as friends and our goals to keep moving onward and upward have kept us in this field for this long. We love what we do and that love has kept us alive in a field where so many others have stopped short. We plan to move forward into year eight with the same integrity and mindset we have kept throughout the previous seven. We know there are many more great things in store for us and we can not wait to see what the future holds.

As traditional for us goes, we will be celebrating our anniversary with an annual picnic and ghost hunt following our feast. We invite not only our team, but our close friends and family also to come celebrate with us. Later this fall, we have some new things coming for the other paranormal enthusiasts in our area. Those announcements will be coming in a few weeks. Our tours will return this fall as well as we hope to continue the ghost hunts at the Buffington House in 2014. Thank you to all who support us and follow our adventures in the paranormal world, we appreciate you! Here is to 7 lucky years, and many more to come!