Monday, July 8, 2013

July 2013 Updates

Time flies when you are having fun, so much so we have not updated the blog since May! In fact we have been pretty quiet on the blog and our other pages like our website and Facebook page but it’s not because we have not been hard at work. Here is a look at what we have been into since the last update and what’s going on for the remainder of the summer:

Tours – We have plans to add a new location to the tour schedule but unfortunately, our plans to do the tour in June just didn’t go as planned. When we are planning out a tour, especially new locations, it takes a lot of time to research and gather the stories we need to put together a great tour. We feel at this time we do not have enough information to do a full ghost tour of this location. However, we hope that with a few more months of research and information gathering we can have our new tour ready to go by this fall. We are excited about this new tour but its going to take a little more patience and a lot more work to get it to where we want it. Our other annual tours are still on the calendar so please join us this fall for one of our fun and spooky ghost tours!

Team Toni 5k – On June 15, 2013 HPIR once again took part in the Team Toni Memorial 5k Run/Walk. HPIR was a sponsor of this event this year and we set up a water table for the runners and walkers as well as had two members participate in the run/walk. The proceeds from this event went to help a young man with cancer. Later this year HPIR will once again be volunteering with the Team Toni annual poker run, we will provide updates on that event this fall. Visit the Team Toni website to find out more about their mission or to volunteer.

Buffington House Ghost Hunts – We have continued opening up the Buffington House to established paranormal groups for the opportunity to ghost hunt in a real haunted location. In May & June we welcomed Mid-OhioValley Ghost Hunters and Adena Paranormal to the house for paranormal investigations. We have really enjoyed meeting all the other teams and getting to know them a little. We will continue the ghost hunts through the rest of the summer before we get into our fall busy season at which time we will not be booking any investigations. Currently all of our available spaces are booked. This fall we will most likely begin booking several more investigations for the winter and for early 2014.

Investigations – We just got back from Hinton, WV this past weekend for an investigation we eagerly had been waiting to do. Our investigation took place at the Campbell Flannagan Murrell House Museum, built in 1875. We do not have anything to report just yet on any paranormal findings, but be sure to visit our website in the next few weeks to find out more about the history of this old house and our experiences there. We have many photos of the house posted on our Facebook page too. And if you are in the area, be sure to stop by to visit and take a tour of the house! We have several other investigations on the horizon this summer to some new places we have never investigated before. We hope to have those complete by our next update!

Ghost Hunt Weekend – Our new friends at Adena Paranormal are planning a paranormal conference and ghost hunt weekend in October. We won’t be able to participate because this event falls on a ghost tour weekend for us, but for anyone who is interested in the paranormal field this event is an exciting opportunity to learn more and go on a ghost hunt. Contact info and prices can be found on the poster I have posted as well as on Adena’s website.
That is all I have for our updates, check back with us in the fall to find out what else is going on with us! Happy Hunting.

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