Friday, May 24, 2013

May 2013 Updates

Hey all you loyal readers, its time once again for an HPIR update! I am a little behind this month in getting the update done, but as always we stay pretty busy most of the time. So here is a little of what’s been going on the past several months with the team and what’s going on this summer:

Team Toni 5K – We are prepping for the second annual Team Toni Memorial 5K Run/Walk to be held on June 15th 2013. This year several of our members will once again be participating in this event. Part of the team who will not be walking will be volunteering and setting up a water station for all of the runners and walkers. I addition to the water table HPIR has decided to become a sponsor of the event this year as Haunted & Historic Guyandotte Tours. We proudly stand behind and support Team Toni and all that they do!

Buffington House Ghost Hunts – As mentioned in a previous post, we have gained permission from the owner of the Buffington House in Guyandotte to allow paranormal groups the opportunity to investigate this historic house. So far we have welcomed Mason County Paranormal Investigators, Meet Me Out There Paranormal, and Appalachian Regional Ghost Hunters to the house for private ghost hunts. We also have several more paranormal teams booked throughout the summer. So far, everyone who has completed their evidence review has gotten some sort of evidence or experienced some activity while investigating the house. We have enjoyed meeting the other teams and look forward to allowing more groups to come in and investigate the home. Learn more about the Buffington House Ghost Hunts here.

Investigations – We have been fairly busy with the ghost hunts at the Buffington House this year and have done only a few formal private investigations ourselves. This year we of course have been spending much more time at the Buffington House and in turn have captured some new EVPs. In addition to that we made a return trip to the Roseberry House and investigated a new location which may eventually find its way on our ghost tours in Guyandotte. We will post any updates to those investigations on our website in later weeks.  

Equipment – I don’t put much emphasis on the equipment we use because I personally think its a little show off-y to list all of the equipment your team has. While ghost hunting tools are important, I don’t see much need to post a laundry list of our equipment on our website. But we do get excited when we get to add new pieces to our toolbox! We have just acquired some new investigative equipment, including a Tribo-Electric Field Meter and the new Ovilus among some other items.

HPIR Awards – Our group likes to get together outside of the seriousness of investigations and have a little fun. Last year we decided to incorporate a little awards ceremony into one of our get-togethers and ended up having so much fun and so many laughs that we did it again this year. Our second (and most likely annual) HPIR Awards ceremony and picnic took place in April. I once again put up the tent in my backyard, pulled out the gold stars and we celebrated with cupcakes and a pot luck type indoor picnic (it was a bit chilly that night). Award certificates, trophies and funny speeches were given. Everyone received an award and fun was had by all who attended!

Photos – Our newest team photos were done in April and can now be seen on our website, go check them out!

Summer Investigations – We have an investigation booked for July at a historic and perhaps haunted location in Summers County, WV. We are also working out some dates for two other local investigations. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages for any additional updates and information on those investigations.

ToursTheresa has been working her tail off for us this spring gathering haunted and historic information for a brand new tour in a brand new location coming soon! This tour we hope will become an annual event much like our tours in Guyandotte currently are. We also have our sights set on another new tour and location in 2014! We plan to announce details about this upcoming tour in the next few months so keep your eyes on the website and Facebook pages for more information.  


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