Monday, March 4, 2013

March Updates

It’s about that time again, for HPIR’s bi-monthly updates! Over the past few months even though we have not been investigating, we have been quite busy. Here are our recent updates:

Website Update:

I have been feeling that our website was in serious need up an upgrade for a while now, but I know that the work involved would not make that an easy feat. I put it off and I put it off some more until I literally could no longer put it off any longer. Basically I was using an outdated program to design the site, and our website host decided to no longer support our outdated program for file/page uploads so it was time to start searching for a new design program. I found a program that I was pleased with and was easy to use to take on our website upgrade.

Not only do I handle the website for our site but also our ghost tours site and in addition to that I also manager several other sites as well. Since HPIR’s site is the largest of the ones I manage and I knew it would take the longest, I began a complete rebuild of our website in February. After working on the new site for several weeks, I uploaded the finished site last week for everyone to enjoy! If you are using a search engine to look for us or have an old page book-marked you may encounter some broken links to old pages.

*Note in Nov 2016 we closed our website, you may now follow us here on our blog or visit us on Facebook -

Buffington House Ghost Hunts:

Since we have been doing our Haunted & Historic GuyandotteTours, we have had a fair amount of interest from people who would like to investigate some of the properties in Guyandotte. Most of the homes on our tours are occupied and privately owned and majority of the home owners are not interested in having people come in to investigate their homes, especially from multiple sources. We have had the opportunity to use the Buffington House on multiple occasions for investigations, tours and even dinners. After some discussion among our members and the homes owner, we have gained permission from the owner to allow supervised ghost hunt at the house!

Starting in April, we are going to host a number of planned investigations at the house for established paranormal groups. If our initial ghost hunts go over well, we will entertain the idea of perhaps doing more later on this summer and fall. We already have inquiries from several groups and the dates have been booked for our preliminary hunts.  We want to give others the opportunity to investigate this amazingly historic and haunted property and at the same time, give something back to the Buffington House. The majority of the investigation fee will be given back to the Guyandotte Improvement & Historical Association, the organization which is housed there. If you have an established paranormal group and you want to learn more about the guidelines to Ghost Hunt at the Buffington House, visit our website page for more info.

History Day:

We returned to the State Capitol this year to attend History Day to promote our haunted and historic tours. We setup an information table inside the capital near the Senate chambers this year and had an outstanding amount of visitors stop and talk to us or take some information on our tours. We enjoy this event because it gives us a chance to promote the history side of what we do and meet to others who love history and want to see the history of our state preserved as we do. We always enjoy our trip to Charleston for History Day and we plan to return again next year.

Other Updates:

Be to check out our new 2013 group photos in a few weeks.

We will have our Ghost Tour schedule coming out later this month.
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