Sunday, February 10, 2013

Paranormal Photography

Paranormal Photography

One of the simplest tools of the paranormal investigator is a camera. A camera is used to record various types of anomalies. It is thought that a camera can pick up things that we can not see with the naked eye. When photographing any site that is thought to be haunted, we must be careful to avoid taking any photographs that will yield False Positives in photos. Some of these things include reflective surfaces, rain, fog, etc. Here is a list of general rules of taking photos, these are very important and should be practiced at every investigation.

Always make sure the camera lens is clean and free of fingerprints, spots, and dust.

Always keep the camera strap away from the lens, if photographed it can appear as a false positive in a picture.

Take lots of pictures, and take several pictures in one area before moving to the next area

Try to avoid using the viewfinder on your camera. Hold the camera out in front of you when you take photos. This will help make you aware of the things you are photographing such as bugs or dust that may lead to false positive photos

Try to avoid taking pictures of shiny surfaces such as mirrors, windows, and shiny grave markers, also take note of any light in the distance.

Always walk around the area you are investigating for at least 15 minutes before snapping any photos to get a feel for your surroundings.

Pay attention to how you feel, if you get goose-bumps, hair stands up on your arms, feel a cold spot or anything unusual, snap some pictures.

If you get the feeling to snap a photo of something, follow your instinct to do so.

Always tie back long hair and keep loose clothing from getting in the way of your pictures, again it is easy to pick up false positives in photos this way

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