Friday, February 8, 2013

Ghost Hunting: Getting Started

For anyone who wishes to join or even start their own paranormal organization we have provided this educational section to give you the basic knowledge and know how to start working in the field of paranormal investigation.

Some of the information provided within our educational section is from outside sources, but it is a reflection of what our group believes in.

So you want to be a ghost hunter?  

The number one most important value of being a successful paranormal investigator is to have a strong passion for what you do. Usually a lifelong interest in the paranormal draws those who desire to find answers to this field.

It is important to gain as much knowledge about paranormal investigation as possible. It can be difficult to sift through all the information out there because there are so many sources, some of which can be misleading. Always use common sense and good judgment about the evidence you collect during your investigations. It is easy to say that something you don’t understand may seem paranormal but in fact if you do some research you may learn otherwise.

Of course we all want to find proof of the existence of the paranormal world, but we should do it with a healthy dose of skepticism. It is necessary that we first look for natural explanations that may stem from the particular environment that we are investigating before making conclusions. We want to get the facts straight first before we can determine our opinion of whether a place has unexplained activity going on.  If even the activity presented is something you can not explain, it still may not be paranormal, it is very important to do your homework.

Never solely rely on what you can see, hear or feel, to determine a case because there is an entire world out there full of wonders that we can not sense with our "human antenna". We may be tuned in only to just a few stations of energy with the possibility of many more beyond our known perception.

Professionalism is a must if you want to be taken as a serious paranormal investigator or group. It is ok to enjoy what you do and even have a little fun with it in the right circumstances. But you should take your job as a paranormal investigator as serious as you would any job or career.

Never stop learning, learn as much as you can about things such as geology, science, regional history, genealogy, photography, video, chemicals, optics, and sound just to name a few. There and many other things can be environmental factors that may simply explain the presence of unusual occurrences.

Being an investigator is both fun and hard work, but with determination and passion you can become one more of a growing group of individuals helping to find the little pieces of a great and mysterious puzzle.

Happy Hauntings!

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