Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tour Talk: Ghost Stories Needed!

We here at Huntington Paranormal have been giving haunted history tours in Guyandotte since 2008. We started off with a simple history tour that exceeded our wildest expectations on the first night we offered them. We realized quickly though that people didn’t want just a simple history tour, they were asking for ghost tours. So within a year, we managed to gather many of Guyandotte’s ghost stories to include on our tour and have continued to offer haunted history tours in Guyandotte ever since. In the back of our minds, and in on and off discussions we have bounced around the idea of taking our ghost tours to new and exciting places (while continuing to do the Guyandotte tours, of course). We have considered a number of options for locations to plan for our tour expansion, but we have been so busy making additions to our original tour, we have not really sat down to work on anything but the Guyandotte tours, well that is until now!

Recently we had an opportunity to meet with some folks who want to see a ghost tour take place in downtown Huntington. Downtown tours have crossed our minds on a number of occasions, but as I mentioned, we have been focused on our existing tours. However, at this time we are planning and we are looking for ghost stories and experiences from downtown Huntington. We have a good starting base of haunted locations; however it just isn’t enough for a full tour just yet. But we are hoping that those of you who read our website and blog will step up to give us a helping hand. We want your stories, your ghost sightings and experiences so that we can take a big step forward working on our goal to expand into downtown!

If you want to help us by contributing your ghost story, experiences, sightings or just tell us about the rumors you have heard please send them to us. We have a lot of hard work and research ahead of us but the more help we get, the closer you will be to taking a haunted walking tour of downtown Huntington, West Virginia by the fall 2013 (crossing fingers)!

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