Monday, May 14, 2012

More Group Updates - May 2012

Update Time! Alright as I promised in my previous blog its time for a few updates.

Ghost Tours: I mentioned in the last blog about our tours and I am happy to share with everyone that we opened up our tour season early this year to offer a few spring tours. We wanted to provide a few more opportunities to our loyal tour fans this year. So far this season we have given one of the two tours this spring with a brand new theme: Full Moon Hauntings Tour. What better time for great a ghost adventure than when the moon is full? Our tour turn out was great, although not as large of a crowd as in the fall, but we were not expecting the fall turnout so early in the season.

We were delighted that our first Full Moon Tours took place during the Perigee Moon, the point in which the Moon is closest to the earth. What a nice clear night with a huge bright moon to set the stage for a night of spooky fun! Our tours will return on June 2, 2012 for one more night of full moon madness. Visit our tour website for information and future tour dates. We may also have some other exciting tour news to share with you in the future, but we can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet!

HPIR Events: Back in April, HPIR attended the Conference for the Cure hosted by the Original West Virginia Paranormal. This event was held to raise money for a young woman who was in the fight for her life against cancer and who thankfully is now in remission! We enjoyed meeting the members of WVP, other guests and speakers and we had a fun time overall. Check out Theresa’s blog for additional details about our time at the Conference for the Cure.

HPIR will also be taking part in at least one other charity event this summer; we are planning to participate in the Team Toni 5K Walk/Run. This walk/run is to honor the memory of Toni Black, a young lady who recently lost her battle with cancer and to raise money for the Team Toni foundation. Our team member Kelly was friend to Toni and is very close with her family and HPIR proudly supports Team Toni and its mission.

HPIR Awards: The members of HPIR and I thought it would be fun to recognize members of our group for our first ever “Oogity Boogity Awards”. I hosted this event at my home back in March. We had lots of food and a cake, a fire, a tent complete with gold stars and lots of fun. The awards were given to honor my team members for their dedication to the team. Some awards were funny; others were on a more serious note.
For the awards, the team decided to recognize Theresa as the Tri-States Best Investigator! We feel that Theresa has the right combination of experience, education and dedication to make her truly one of the best around. We are quite proud to have Theresa on our team and we really appreciate all that she does.

Photos: Check out our 2012 group photos! We took our photos this year at Old Main & Morrow Library on the campus of (haunted) Marshall University.

Investigations: Check back with us in the coming weeks to learn more about our latest investigations, several are planned and will be posted once they are complete.

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