Saturday, March 10, 2012

Haunted Travels: Princeton, WV & Max Meadows, VA

My haunted travels have once again taken me to some pretty fabulous places! This time, unfortunately, I could not get very up close and personal to the locations I visited but I am just as well satisfied with an opportunity to photograph a famous haunted location. I had planned this trip with my family to visit a specialty shop near Wytheville, Virginia to take my daughter to spend unspeakable amounts of money on her model horse collecting hobby, lol. Anyway, we had planned to spend the night just so we could enjoy what the area had to offer and I got busy searching for historic towns, civil war sites and of course haunted places!

While googling haunted places near Wytheville, Virginia I came across some information for the Major Graham Mansion. I just so happened to catch bits and pieces of the Ghost Hunters episode that aired a few weeks prior for it to peak my interest. Since it was in the area we were traveling to I just had to go hunt it down once we arrived.
The location of this mansion is just beautiful, it sits out on an unpaved country road past rolling hills and farmland. While taking in all the beautiful scenery, we come upon a sort of unexpected sight, a fancy paved and gated driveway that would rival the gates of Elvis’s Graceland. Apparently, the site of the Major Graham Mansion is the location of Grahamfest Music Festival. The house itself sits just past the impressive (new) driveway, and up on the hill above. The property was fenced off and we could not get an up close view, but I snapped a number of photos before we went on. According to information I found online, among the ghosts that are said to haunt this old house: a bride, slaves and a confederate soldier. The owners also offer ghost tours and according to one site online this mansion is said to be one of the most Haunted Places in America.
The following day on our return trip home, we had to stop at another famous haunted site in West Virginia, Lake Shawnee Amusement Park. This site has been declared one of the Most Terrifying Places in America according to the Travel Channel and has been featured on many other television shows. The history of this property has proven quite tragic for many children. A Native American massacre and several accidental deaths have no doubt left some scars on this land and apparently a few ghosts too.  

I took time to snap photos from the road as we stopped to take it all in. The old Ferris wheel and swings are rusted out, and the weeds have made a trellis out of them, giving these old rides one heck of a creepy look. This place looks creepy and it feels creepy, so I can get why it may be on of the scariest places to many people. However, in the future, I and the other members of HPIR are planning to visit Lake Shawnee to get some first hand experience on just how terrifying this old run down, rusted out amusement park may be.

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