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Dealing With Grief & Ghost Hunting

This is a re-post of an article moved from our main website to our blog:

The death of a loved one is never easy. Death is a natural part of life, but the question of what happens after we die can still be a mystery for many. If you have ever wondered what happens after we die, you are not alone. Sometimes when people have experienced the death of a loved one, these questions become the focus of their thoughts.

During our time investigating the paranormal we have had many people contact us to investigate their home, and upon interviewing them we discover that they have recently lost a loved one. Investigations where the client (s) have experienced a recent death in their life are very sensitive cases but are fairly common. We understand the desire to want to know that a loved one is safe and well or that the loved one is still around in the afterlife. We have been contacted in hopes that we can provide some closure or give a final message from beyond the grave.

While it is our ambition to find solid proof of life beyond death, dealing with a newly grieving client can be very difficult. If you have experienced a loss and are seeking a paranormal group to help you, first here are some questions you should ask  yourself before contacting a group:
  1. Have I had the time to properly grieve the loss of my loved one?
  2. Why do I feel the need to contact a paranormal group?
  3. Will I find closure in asking a paranormal group to investigate my home?
  4. If the paranormal group finds no evidence of my loved one, will I be ok with that?
  5. If the paranormal group finds evidence of something paranormal in my home, will I be able to handle the findings presented to me?
  6. Should I consider grief counseling from a professional to better deal with my loss?
We don't want to discourage anyone from contacting a group to investigate their home if they feel it is right for them, we just recommend that you give yourself the time to deal with loss before doing so. You should be emotionally prepared to handle any type of evidence given to you or lack thereof before initiating contact with a group. Being in a heightened emotional state is not the best time to deal with strangers in your home attempting to record audio, video, and asking many questions especially pertaining to death. Inviting a paranormal group to your home to find closure with a very recent death may not be in the best interest for you, your family or the paranormal investigators. Give yourself some time to begin healing from your loss, and then consider your options in dealing with any paranormal activity you may be experiencing.

Each person must deal with grief in their own way and there really is no right or wrong way to deal with it. Here are some related information to dealing with grief:

Paranormal Pets

This is a re-post of an article moved from our main website to our blog.

- Psychic Pets -

It is scientifically proven that animals have certain senses that are well above and beyond that of a human. Some examples of theses animal senses are: the dog’s sense of smell, the cat’s vision in the dark, and the bat’s use of echolocation, all of these things would be considered superhuman in our species. Since many animals have more heightened senses than us humans its no wonder that we believe that animals may have psychic abilities.

Take for example animals and earthquakes: Seismologists have been tying to predict earthquakes for years but so far have come up short on finding a reliable method. Numerous reports have shown that household pets often begin to act uneasy or restless just days before an earthquake strikes. A Geologist by the name of Jim Berkland has actually predicted several earthquakes in part based on unusually high numbers of lost or missing pets in a particular area. Perhaps animals can sense the vibrations from the movement of the earth before we humans can, thus making their restlessness a warning sign of things to come.

Other great examples of pets with extraordinary abilities are animals that can predict or detect oncoming epileptic seizures in humans. Then there is the story of a cat who resides in a nursing home in Rhode Island who can predict death. This cat, named Oscar, has predicted about 50 deaths within the nursing home by curling up next to the person during their final hours of life.

Then there is this question: If animals can sense things we can't, can our pets sense or even see ghosts? It seems possible that our pets can see the things we can not considering the many other mysterious things they have the ability to sense. Those who claim their home is haunted often remark of a family pet reacting to something they seem to be seeing but their owner does not. Most reports of such animal behavior involve the pet acting strangely and out of character often reacting in fear or defense. Many people believe that their pets have some sort of extrasensory perception or sixth sense, however, what may seem like psychic-like abilities in our pets may simply be their natural abilities and behaviors that just exceed our own

- Ghost Pets -

Our pets make us happy, they are playful and fun, they listen to us when we need someone to talk to and they comfort us in times of sadness. For many people, their pets have become a part of the family, and in some cases a pet may be the only family a person has. We have a strong connection to our pets from hamsters to horses and everything in between; humans have formed an inseparable bond with the animals in their lives.

When a beloved pet dies it can be like losing a member of the family, the loss of that companionship can be overwhelming, and the grief can be intense. Just as we may question what happens to our loved ones after they die, we often wonder what happens when our pets die. A popular poem suggests that our beloved pets go to a place called Rainbow Bridge, a heaven-like place for animals.

But many stories of seeing, hearing or feeling the presence of their departed pet begs the question what if our pets can come back in a ghostly form? With so many tales of pet owners believing that their furry friend has returned to them in the afterlife, it is difficult to dispute so many claims. Stories claim pets have come back in spirit form to save their owners from deadly situations, others have claimed to sense the presence of their pet curling up next to them in bed. Whether you believe in ghosts or not there is no disputing the amazing bond we have with our pets. And who knows, our connection with our animals may just be so strong that sometimes they remain by our side even after death.

Below I have included a few links to some stories of ghost animals and supernatural pets; the first one in particular is the story of a spirit horse. I have always had a fascination with and love of horses my whole life, as has my daughter.

Ghostly Animal Links:

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