Thursday, November 10, 2011

Looking Ahead

The madness of the month of October is finally over, and it’s time to relax a bit and look toward the coming months and even into next year. I can finally sit down to work on writing some new blogs which I hope to post here in the coming weeks. I have been considering touching on some hot topics in some of my upcoming articles such as orbs, equipment and investigation case comparisons. But before I get into those more comprehensive topics, I will give a short re-cap of the past few weeks and a look at what’s coming up for us in the next few months.

The highlight of fall for our team is our ghost tours we offer in Guyandotte. Once again we had an awesome turnout for the tours, and much fun was had by all. This season seemed to be the most “active” tours we have done to date, with many reports of personal experiences and encounters from our tour guests. In fact the tour guests were not the only ones who were experiencing unusual activity; several guides even heard some prowling spirits inside one of the homes on the tour.

We set up some equipment inside one of the homes both before and after the tours on Halloween weekend, and ended up with several EVP’s. We of course will be posting these and any thing else we may find in the coming weeks when all of the audio and video has been reviewed.

Coming up next for us is an investigation of a local haunt (we will announce the location after the investigation is complete and be sure to check back, this one has taken several interesting twists!), followed by a couple residential cases. We hope you will keep following us, and don’t forget to add us on Facebook too!

Melissa - HPIR Founder

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