Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Evidence Credibility

For most paranormal investigators, the ultimate goal in conducting investigations is to find some kind of evidence that can not be explained. However, what may be even more important is the ability to identify sources that can lead to false claims of paranormal activity. The last thing a paranormal investigation group wants to do is to offer false or misleading information to the person or persons we are trying to find honest answers for.

There is nothing more exciting than discovering a mysterious voice on an audio recording or a dark shadow lurking on your video recordings. Catching good evidence is great, but how often do we put our own findings under the microscope?

Case in point: We recently completed an investigation at a location in which many groups have investigated, and most have walked away with some sort of unexplainable audio or video. We have investigated this location in the past in addition to our recent visit and much like other groups who have investigated; we ended up with multiple findings. Pending our return visit, we did some searching to see what other groups out there have captured since we were there last. We found a number of things and a few caught our attention so we decided try some experiments during our investigation. Unfortunately, one experiment which was publicized as a paranormal by another team, we were able to re-create exactly within minutes.

This article is not written to discredit or ridicule other teams, because in all reality none of us are perfect and what one person feels is paranormal, someone else may not feel the same way about. However, cases such as this should really speak to everyone in the paranormal community; always double check your findings and analyze everything possible to avoid misleading claims. Some people are very impressionable, and it would be an unfortunate thing to offer someone misleading information which could induce unnecessary fear. The quantity of evidence is not as important as the quality.

Our team does not always find evidence of paranormal activity when we investigate a place, but when we do find something we can’t explain, we closely examine it before releasing what we have found. We also attempt to check our facts with what paranormal evidence we find, and several cases have just left us speechless. Take for example the Buffington House investigation we did back in 2010: We captured a very clear and chilling EVP of a child calling out for mommy. After some deeper research into the history of the home than what was initially done, we discovered that a four year old little boy died in the home over one hundred years ago. When the facts line up with investigation findings, it really gives more credibility to the evidence.

Each investigation we have done has been a great experience and we truly appreciate those who have allowed us to come into their home or business to check into their claims of paranormal activity. We feel that those who give us these amazing opportunities deserve the best and most honest answers we can give them.  

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