Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Has Led Me Here....

I have been asked many times why I decided to start a paranormal group, and while I don’t care much to discuss the main event that triggered me to start the group I am willing to explain what led me to it. So here are the things in my life that have led me here:

Growing up, I spend most of my life in a house that was built in 1890. Everything I know about the house seems to indicate that it had a colorful history, I still don’t know a lot of details about it but I do know it played a part in the bootlegging of moonshine in the neighborhood. Overall though it just had a quiet history and it was far from being haunted.

I am not sure what sparked my interest in the paranormal but I remember around middle school I would pick out books at the library about ghosts, monsters, UFOs and such and read about them. As mentioned in a previous posting I also was a big fan of paranormal television shows. Halloween was and still is one of my favorite holidays and I even worked a few times as a guide for the local Halloween haunted house.  

I think my first and one of only a few possible encounters with a “ghost” I have had so far was when I was spending the night with a friend. We were the only two in the house when I heard footsteps walking overhead in what would have been the attic of the house. I mentioned it to my friend and the simple answer my friend had for me was “oh that’s just the ghost”. I have been in a few places that I have had an overwhelming feeling of “get out”, but up to that point in my life, that’s about it.

My thoughts about ghosts are that I really want to believe that they exist, and I feel that something does exist but I am not exactly sure what. I have however experienced something that I whole heartedly believe is a real phenomenon, and it is something that I have experienced more than a few times. I have had many instances of what I feel is extra sensory perception being both the sender and the receiver, I have experienced this so strongly that I do not believe it was an odd coincidence.

The main incident that stands out to me happened on a day I lost my pet cat about 11 years ago. I am an animal lover and I had this sweet little orange kitty that was just like a little friend to me. I think I loved this kitty more than any of the others before it and he was a comfort to me when I was going through a rough time. Well I was awakened one morning by the news that my cat was run out into the road by a neighbor and was hit and killed. I lost it, I broke down hard and I cried and cried; it was like I had lost my best friend. A few hours later I had calmed down, but still upset when the phone rings. On the other end of the line was one of my close friends who I had not spoken to in 4 or 5 months, the first words from his mouth was “what’s wrong?” I kind of stood there shocked for a second then I explained what happened. My friend was surprised and saddened about my pet, but what really got my attention was how he explained to me that he was out of state and had the overwhelming urge to call me because he knew something was wrong. He tried calling for an hour but the line had been busy, but my friend didn’t give up until he got in touch with me. His call was a comfort to me on an otherwise horrible day.

I know there are strange coincidences in life, but I think this event just reinforced to me that human connection goes beyond what we can truly understand sometimes. While I have never really seen or experienced a ghost, I have more than once experienced this kind of telepathic communication between myself and others. Even now I rely on my “gut instincts” to guide me when needed. This has led me here, to find out more of what is possible in this world.

Melissa - HPIR Founder

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