Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Local History & Ghost Stories

With the cooler temperatures finally sneaking around, it really must mean that fall is almost here! I love fall, the cooler weather, the leaves changing to beautiful bright colors, pumpkins, sitting by the fire on a cool evening and of course Halloween! Halloween has been one of my favorite holidays and the fall is absolutely my favorite season of all, and there is no better way to celebrate with some spooky ghost tours!!!

We here at HPIR began offering ghost tours in the historic Guyandotte neighborhood of Huntington back in October of 2008. Hoping for at best, 10 or 20 people to show up the first time, we set our expectations pretty low. The first night of the tour we were pleasantly and very unexpectedly surprised when we had a line forming in the parking lot of the Guyandotte Library that went almost out to the street! I think that first weekend we took about 140 people on the tour and it was a huge hit, beyond what we had imaged.

After that first tour we set out to learn more local history, more ghost stories and with getting to know some of the neighbors we were even lucky enough to have the opportunity to actually investigate some of the locations on our tour. So by the following year we had more stories, more places and some personal experiences to add to what we started the year before.

By the time last year’s tour season arrived we really ready and we were much better acquainted with what our tour guests were looking for in a ghost tour, and I think we brought that to life for them. We included some interesting aspects, opportunity to visit several homes and even had a few chance encounters with long departed citizens.

We try to keep “old information” fresh, of course our information is history and we can’t change history, but we can keep you on your toes with what we have in store for you. We will continue adding new stories and new houses and have a few surprises along the way. This year we anticipate this fall to be the best ghost tours to date! We will be able to take more people through the tours and we are always adding new information.

You may wonder why the heck we choose Guyandotte to do ghost tours, well that answer is simple: there are few places with as much history and as many ghost stories as you will find in your own back yard, as Guyandotte has. Guyandotte may have a bad reputation, but one may be astounded to see some of the most beautiful homes and hear the rich history inside this once bustling town. So while you may think of Guyandotte as a place you may not want to visit on a normal day, sometimes you can be really surprised what you can find if you just brush away the dust. So if you are enjoying a nice crisp fall evening and you are in the mood to hear some great ghost stories about a place you might otherwise pass by, come take one of our ghost tours this October and November.  Check out our website that is dedicated just to our ghost tours and to Guyandotte's rich history: http://www.guyandotteghosts.com/

Melissa - HPIR Founder

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