Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Haunted Travels: Spooky Weekend Getaways

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time (besides investigating the paranormal of course!) is traveling. I enjoy traveling to different states and cities exploring historic and often times, haunted locations. There are many places still on my historic and haunted “must visit” travel list, but I have been lucky enough to have been to a quite a few places so far. One of my favorite forms of travel is the weekend road trip; I try to take three to four a year when I have the chance.

Lucky for those of us who live in the WV, KY and OH region, there is no shortage of history and hauntings within a few hours of home. Even if you don’t want to take a whole weekend, there are many day trips that are just as much fun. Here is a few of my personal favorites:

Lewisburg West Virginia, Droop Mountain and the Greenbrier Ghost:

Lewisburg is a historic town and a nice getaway for a day trip or a weekend. Lewisburg offers lots of history and plenty of hauntings, and even offers a ghost tour. Lewisburg is a Civil War battle site and is within 30 minutes of another Civil War battle site said to be haunted; Droop Mountain. Droop Mountain is quite a lovely place and it is said that ghosts from that battle still linger. A rather famous local haunting is within about 25 minutes of Lewisburg, the gravesite of the Greenbrier Ghost. If you are not familiar with this story, check out our haunted places listings for all the details!

Point Pleasant, West Virginia:

Point Pleasant is most likely West Virginia’s grand paranormal central. Not only do you have the famous Mothman to search for, Pt. Pleasant offers many other hauntings as well. Spend the night at the Lowe Hotel, visit the site of the Silver Bridge collapse, Chief Cornstalk’s monument, the River Museum and the State Theater and one may just be in paranormal heaven!

Maysville Kentucky:

Maysville is a very nice historic town that totally caught my attention on a "taking the long way home" drive from Lexington. Maysville is beautiful with lots of lovely old buildings, a very quaint little town indeed! One of Maysville’s paranormal hot spots is the old and very ominous looking Hayswood Tuberculosis Hospital that still sits in the shadows of the town. Another local haunt is the Washington Opera House which located just a few blocks from the old Hospital. Taking a stroll down these streets on a cool fall evening would make any history buff or ghost enthusiast feel right at home.

While I have many other places that I could share, these are some of my favorite local hauntings and I would recommend for anyone to check them out!

Melissa – HPIR Founder

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